Leo August 2015


Leo August 2015

Until August 8, 2015 Jupiter still travels through your sign, Leo. In the past eight months you have experienced the salutary effect of Jupiter in your life! As of August 9, 2015 until September 25, 2015, the fiery Mars takes over from Jupiter. Mars in Leo can make your dreams come true!

Love and Relationships
The first week of August 2015 is promising! With the Sun in Leo, you would like to go out to meet new people. Exciting dates are waiting for you, Leo! On August 9, Mars enters your own sign Leo and thus your House of Personality. Mars gives you in the next seven weeks, the extra energy to go on an adventure! In a committed relationship you can enjoy the summer. Be happy!

Family and Home
At this time of year, your career and the pursuit of your goals are not your biggest concern. Your family, home situation and inner life are more important for you. When these pillars are solid, your career will turn out all right.

Your career was on ice in the next six months. You actually may have accomplished what you wanted to achieve. You leave the outside world and descend to your inner world. Your family and private life is now your main focus. In the quiet of the inner world are you going to build up strength for next year when the outside world becomes important again. This a sort of summer hibernation regarding your career. However, you are busy with finishing things at work and in your house. Your planet of career is Venus. This month, Venus retrogrades and is joined by Jupiter in the first week of August 2015. Career opportunities could be considered only if they fit in your life. The last week of August 2015 is especially beneficial for getting a scholarship or course or you'll probably traveling for work.

Jupiter enters your House of Finance on August 12, 2015 and that means more income in the twelve months to come. More income means more spending, so be careful. The Full Moon of August 29, 2015 falls in your House of Shared Finance, Taxation, income of your partner and cash. There are financial obligations that have to do deal with involving taxes, credit and loans, including alimony and childcare. At the beginning of August 2015 you will make paying off debts, paying outstanding bills or deal with other financial matters. In the next twelve months, the flow of money will improve. However, make sure to have a proper financial plan that suits your specific situation.

You despite the influence of Saturn this month, there’s no complaining about your health. With the Sun in Leo, the Sun shines in your heart and then you feel at your best. However, make sure you have plenty of rest, Leo.

The New Moon on August 14, 2015 falls in your own sign Leo. In the second half of August 2015 you are the center of attention. Thanks to your special appeal you attract love, the right people to help you on the road and the financial resources to do what you want to do.