Gemini August 2015


Gemini August 2015

The next seven weeks are weeks of communication! There will be many letters, emails, phone calls and text messages, letters to write and to reply. With Mars transiting your House of Communication there may also be many short trips and frequent contact with brothers, sisters, neighbors and acquaintances.

Love and Relationships
Because of the conjunction of Jupiter and the retrograded Venus, the first week of August 2015 promises to be a good one for love. Jupiter is your planet of Love. In the first weekend in August 2015 your planet Mercury joins this conjunction. The outlook is promising! The power of communication has always been important to you, but now you desire to share on a deeper, emotional level. If that desire is not met, you will be even more critical in matters of the heart as never before. Remember that no situation is perfect and never will be. Be patient and try to turn criticism into constructive criticism.

Family and Home
On August 12, 2015 Jupiter enters your House of Family and Home where it will remain until September 9, 2016. In these next twelve months there are positive changes regarding your house, for example, moving to a better location, reconstruction or renovation. Especially after August 23, 2015 things come into motion regarding domestic affairs. In addition to possible relocation and renovation there is more room for togetherness and socializing at home.

The Full Moon in Pisces on August 29, 2015 falls in your House of Career. This Full Moon opens the door to a promotion or growth in your career. A wonderful time to start a business project! The whole month of August 2015 is ideally suited to make plans for your career and build financial security for the future. Dream, visualize and use the power of affirmation. Where do you want to go? What would you like to achieve? What opportunities do you see? What do you need to achieve your goal?

August 2015 is generally a month of financial obligations. The first week of August 2015 might be a bit tricky financially, especially Monday, August 3rd, 2015 may create some problems. Because of financial constraints, but also because of deferred funds and credits which are in the way, you feel the pinch. From the second week of August 2015 things looks better, but it is important to economize. Consider a financial buffer for the future.

Your health is a bit delicate this month. Take it easy. With so much going on in your mind, it is hard to avoid stress, but stress wears you out completely. It might be a good idea for this month to spend some time with your loved one. A day out in a city or a trip to the beach will do you a lot of good. Have a break, Gemini.

Your planet Mercury doesn’t pay any attention to all those retrograde planets and that means that you are making progress. However, be diplomatic this month in love and that is especially the case for the bachelor Gemini.