Scorpio April 2015


Scorpio April 2015

In the first three weeks of April 2015, the focus is still on family, comfort, safety, material security and personal processing. A major planetary shift takes place from April 21, 2015 ! From that moment on, a period begins in which your career and performance come first.

Love and Relationships
It is possible that you will find a new love in April 2015 at work, for example in the office or business meeting. From April 21, 2015 you'll notice that your social life is blooming. The Sun in earthly Taurus is the basis in which you may sow the seeds of love and understanding.
In April 2015, there is more room for fun and lightness. However, April 2015 is not really a month for fixed commitments.

Family and Home
Uranus is the planet of family and home. Uranus plays a major role in the Lunar Eclipse of April 4, 2015, creating tension in the life of an elderly relative. Unexpected and drastic events may take place in your family. Problems related to your house come to light. Necessary repairs are required. Tensions within the family may run high. An existing tense relationship with certain family members may explode with the Lunar Eclipse to an eruption. For your own development and wellbeing it is better to keep healthy boundaries and keep your focus on the outside world and career. The support of your family is an important pillar for your success!

April 2015 is a prosperous month for your career. Progress is being made with less effort. Expect admiration, cooperation and support from your partner and your colleagues, especially from April 21, 2015. This progress happens because of forced adjustments in your career. For example, a major event in the private life of your boss, changes in the leadership, reorganization or modifications in the business rules.
The Lunar Eclipse of April 4, 2015 indicates difficult conditions when you decide to travel. There will be changes in higher education, changes at school, change of school or change subjects or branch of studies. In legal business, progress is finally made, but this demands a lot of your attention. The Lunar Eclipse takes place in your House of Spirituality and is especially affected if you work in the spiritual world, such as charity and spiritual or religious organizations. Events change your attitude and thoughts in relation to spirituality. There are profound changes in the personal life of your spiritual teacher, guru, inspirator or mentor.

For April 2015 there are no difficulties to be expected in the financial field. Jupiter is your planet of money. Jupiter will turn direct on April 8, 2015 after a period of retrogradation for more than four months. There are many positive changes and from April 8, 2015 more income from various sources is to be expected.

In the first week of April 2015 you shave trouble sleeping and you dream the wildest dreams, fueled by the Lunar Eclipse on April 4, 2015. In the first three weeks of April 2015 there will be no complaining. Please watch your diet. Especially in the last week of April 2015 you are a bit indulgent in terms of your diet. Too much of the good life can be detrimental to your health and your weight!

Every Eclipse is a cosmic announcement that change is in the making.
The Lunar Eclipse of April 4, 2015 is, however, an announcement which is written in capital letters. There are so many planets involved that change in many aspects of your life will take place. Therefore it is recommended to schedule as little appointments as possible in the first week of April 2015. Don’t travel, business neither for fun.