Pisces April 2015


Pisces April 2015

With the power of Aries your life is gaining momentum, Pisces. This new solar cycle is a great period to start something new. The New Moon of April 18, 2015 brings change. When the Sun enters Taurus on April 21, 2015 you will enter calmer waters.

Love and Relationships
The first two weeks of April 2015 are particularly beneficial for all Pisces! A fixed relationship is strengthened or you will find new ways to light a fire in a committed relationship. The single Pisces celebrates spring and only wants freedom and be merry. In the second half of April 2015 resentment arises in a committed relationship. The education of children is often the source of problems in the relationship. Don’t allow these problems to be a burden in the relationship, but a bridge to reach a joint solution. Keep clear communication!

Family and Home
Every Lunar Eclipse has impact on children in your family and environment. Children want to try their wings in the world and that is accompanied by a process which is called letting go. Children dress differently and take another attitude. In the lives of children in your family or environment radical changes take place. Try to support them as much as possible and to help them in this period of their lives. Your family plays a supporting role in your career.

Pluto is your planet of career. Pluto squares the Lunar Eclipse of April 4, 2015 and that indicates changes within your career, such as an unexpected offer for another job. When you are looking for a job, you may be successful. Changes within the management, business rules or modified working conditions have impact on your career. Students have to deal with changes in study plans, lectures or school or university. There may be drastic changes take place in the private life of a mentor or teacher causing you have to adjust study plans. Within the Church, synagogue or mosque, also in private life of the priest, imam or spiritual leader, significant changes take place. The Lunar Eclipse could lead to a true crisis of faith. If you work in the spiritual world, there will be some adjustments in your practice or in the spiritual organization or charity which you are working for.

The Lunar Eclipse of April 4, 2015 affects the financial situation of your spouse, lover or business partner. There may be a major event and you need to take action. Your financial picture looks especially good in the first half of April 2015, Pisces. Money flows to you from the most varied sources, even from those you would not expect. There's going progress on issues relating to real estate, taxes or insurance. In the first week of April 2015 there may be unexpected expenses, but don't worry. Revenues are expected from selling, advertising and media. You can count on financial support from the family.

The powerful Lunar Eclipse of April 4, 2015 happens in the House of the Soul and Transformation. You may have to deal with the theme of death and birth, end and beginning. The message of this Lunar Eclipse is to feel deeper just to realize how precious life is.

The Lunar Eclipse has its effect on many areas of your life. Take it easy this month, Pisces.