Gemini April 2015


Gemini April 2015

In addition to spiritual growth, the main theme this month is the Lunar Eclipse of April 4th, 2015. The Moon in your planet of the money. Every Lunar Eclipse therefore affect your finances. This Lunar Eclipse in Libra is extra powerful, because Uranus and Pluto are involved.

Love and Relationships
The Lunar Eclipse of April 4th is in your House of Romance. Get ready for some challenges, Gemini. Jupiter is the planet of love! After four months of retrograding, on April 8 2015, Jupiter in Leo will be on the move again! That's good news for your love life. From the beginning of this year your love life was not as good as it should be. There were challenges and infighting. Love seemed far away. In the second half of April 2015 there will be progress in love, because Jupiter receives beautiful aspects of Venus and Uranus! However, be on guard, because love is and remains a sore point in this stage of your life. After April 20, 2015 challenges arise when the Sun enters earthly Sign Taurus.

Family and Home
The Lunar Eclipse in Libra of April 4th 2015 falls into your House of Children and Creativity. With this event children are extra sensitive emotionally, so it is recommended to protect them as well as possible and not expose them to stress and undesirable conditions. Don’t go traveling during the week of the Lunar Eclipse. Children in your family and in your environment experience a large development in the next six months. A growth spurt. Children are trying their wings to the world, which may be challenging.

The Lunar Eclipse of April 4, 2015 also affects your career. There are changes at work and in the work that you do. Being your own boss you will notice that there is a troubled atmosphere among your employees. During the Lunar Eclipse, but also in the next six months there are personnel changes or significant changes take place in the lives of workers, employees or companions. If you work in the spiritual world you may expect a form of breakthrough this month. This month you're more idealistic and involved with charity and charities.

The Lunar Eclipse of April 4, 2015 is of extra importance for your finances, because the Moon represents money. The Moon is obscured, but it is not a disaster. Money is dynamic and so is the moon. Like the Moon keeps changing, so it is with your money. Sometimes there is a lot of money, and so it is gone. Twice a year there is Lunar Eclipse. With this event you will be given the opportunity to review your finances. If you like it or not, the subject of money comes to order. A new strategy, a new financial plan, budget management, these are issues which come up for discussion. During the Lunar Eclipse, you’d better not invest or make large purchases.

Your health is generally good, but you are very sensitive to stress. As you know stress is very bad for your health. Make sure to get plenty of rest this month. The Lunar Eclipse of April 4th, 2015 forms a square with Pluto. You may have to deal with stress and depression. It could also be the case that you get some kind of wakeup call which makes you realize that you need to change something in your life in order to stay healthy.

April 2015 is a month of spiritual and inner growth. Being a Gemini, you are rational, but in this period your interest grows into the elusive and paranormal. You know that there is more between heaven and Earth, more than man could ever contain. Reading spiritual books or study, your hunger for esoteric knowledge is insatiable! Especially in the second half of April 2015, dreams are predictive and lively. Your intuition is flawlessly! Less logical thinking and more room for your feelings.