Capricorn April 2015


Capricorn April 2015

The Lunar Eclipse of April 4, 2015 has a great impact on your life, Capricorn. In the first half of April 2015 you have to deal with challenges and stress. Have patience. The second half of the month promises to be better, especially from April 14, 2015 when Mercury enters earthly Taurus.

Love and Relationships
The Moon is the symbol of your love life. That is the reason why every Lunar Eclipse has so much impact on love and this Lunar Eclipse is no exception. Your marriage or current relationship is put to the test. Because of the influence of Pluto friendships are also put to the test. Major events in the life of friends take place causing tension in your mutual relationship. Valuable relationships will survive, but a less good relationship experience difficulties. Anyway, problems need to be addressed and solved in order to refresh the relationship. After this, the time has come to consolidate the relationship.

Family and Home
The Lunar Eclipse in Libra of April 4, 2015 ensures profound changes in the lives of the parents and older people in your family.

The Lunar Eclipse in Libra of April 4, 2015 has a major impact on many areas in your life, but the Eclipse itself falls in your House of Career. It indicates profound changes in your career. You are on the crossroad of your life and you decide to take a totally different direction. It is also possible that profound changes take place such as a reorganization, shift in the management or other changes in the branch of industry in which you work. In any case there are changes in your work. In the private life of your boss a profound change takes place that affects your career. Computers, Smart phones, laptops and technical equipment need to be repaired or replaced. Make sure you get a good backup and anti-virus system.

Uranus is the planet of your money. Uranus squares the Lunar Eclipse of April 4, 2015 and that indicates an event that may lead to radical changes in your financial situation.

In the first half of April 2015 please watch your health, especially on and around the Lunar Eclipse of April 4, 2015. The head, neck and throat need special attention. A facial massage and a neck and shoulder massage works wonders! From April 21, there will be an improvement in your general condition. Just make sure you get lots of exercise.

The period after the Lunar Eclipse on April 4, 2015 is so much better. From April 21, 2015 nothing stand in your way to realize your plans and the opportunities for personal development and creativity are up for grabs!