Aries April 2015


Aries April 2015

Until April 20, the Sun travels through your own sign, Aries. Your new solar year! The highlight of this stage is the Full Moon of April 4th, in which Aries looks its counterpart, embodied by the Moon in Libra, straight in the eye. April 2015 is a month in which your independence and self-reliance come first. The personalized energy is especially visible in your finances! Suggest what you need and go for it. After April 21, a major planetary shift takes place. Your place in the outside world becomes less important. Your inner world all the more.

Love and Relationships
Generally, love and passion is flourishing as never before. The sun shines in your own sign and you radiate this solar energy!
The Lunar Eclipse of April 4th 2015 falls into your House of Relationships. This Lunar Eclipse brings a personal message and causes tension in your relationship. The Lunar Eclipse brings unspoken anger, grievances and feelings to the surface. These are issues that have to be addressed. A good relationship will survive the eclipse. Friendships cannot escape the Lunar Eclipse. Major events in the life of friends are taking place. Stay calm and keep communicating. Only then you’ll find out what is really going on. On 12 April 2015 Venus enters Gemini. You could meet someone in the library, at school or University, or at a lecture or seminar. Or just during a walk in the neighborhood where you live.

Family and Home
The Lunar Eclipse of April 4th 2015 falls into the House of Relationships, but also has an impact on your family and home. The Lunar Eclipse brings out all current problems concerning family and home. You will find that emotions are all over the place. In the first week of April 2015 and especially with the Lunar Eclipse children are at risk to get injured in traffic.

April 2015 is a good month for your career. Are you looking for a job? The best chances for a job are in April 2015 now the Sun radiates in your sign. When you own a business, you will be looking for new ways to boost your business. A business trip is possible in April 2015. It is recommended to plan that business trip in the first three weeks of April 2015. The Lunar Eclipse in Libra on 4 April 2015 brings a ' casual ' encounter with a person or persons who show you new horizons. The journey of Saturn in Sagittarius inspires you to study, to write a book or travel. Extend your borders, Aries!

Venus is your planet of money. Venus favors you in April 2015! You can expect money from others. Starting from the third week of April 2015 there will be improvement in your financial circumstances. Your revenue comes from more than one source. This month you can get an offer to an investment. Foreign countries offer favorable prospects. The last week of April 2015 is the best period to make an important financial decision. On April 21 2015 the Sun enters your House of Finances and that means good news for you!

In April 2015, your good health and energy enables you to do the things you want to do. Until April 20, 2015 the Sun is your dynamic motor! Just make sure that you take enough exercise, because all that energy has to go somewhere. If you don't, you may experience tension, headaches and stress.

So soon after the Solar Eclipse of March 20, 2015, in the first days of April 2015 there is a major planetary occupation in Aries: the Sun on 10º Mercury on 1º Aries, Uranus and the South Lunar node on 16°and 10° Aries. If your natal Sun is on or around 11º Aries, with this explosive and passionate energy you may almost "explode". Especially this Aries may have to deal with sudden changes, breakthroughs and insights in the first half of April 2015.