Aquarius April 2015


Aquarius April 2015

Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius. Uranus is involved in the Lunar Eclipse of April 4, 2015. In the next six months you dive, as it were, into a kind of hibernation. A cosmic preparation! After this half year of hibernation, the world will see a very different you!

Love and Relationships
The Lunar Eclipse of April 4, 2015 brings complications in the relationship, but at the same time firm solutions. Complications have to do with the career. Make a compromise. In case you were faces with distrust, you will notice that confidence will be restored in the course of April 2015. However, you have to fight to keep the peace! An earlier friendship will bloom on and could lead to a committed relationship or marriage. The free Aquarius will have to do with problems involving friends and relatives. Your self-control will be crucial to overcome problems. Stay honest. At the end of the month you know important the band with siblings and true friends is in your life.

Family and Home
The welfare of your family is of major significance for you. On April 17, 2015 Pluto will begin a period of retrogradation. This means, the focus is shifting from career to your private life. The pursuit of ideals and career will be less important to you..Your home situation all the more. If everything is good at home, without saying, you feel good and so is your work.

The Moon is about your work and daily activities and so the Lunar Eclipse has a major impact on your daily activities. There is unrest in the workplace and other working conditions. Students have to deal with changes at school or university or field of study. Study plans should be adjusted due to circumstances. Also within your faith major changes are taking place. In the next six months these changes could lead to a crisis of faith. Within the company you get another job or position. Pluto is your planet of career. Pluto squares the Lunar Eclipse of April 4, 2015. This indicates the beginning of profound changes in your career. In the next months it becomes clear what these changes are. In your branch of work or in the management of the company in which you are employed, there is unrest. A reorganization or drastic measures within the company, also in the private life of your boss or management deep changes may affect your career.

April 2015 is a good month to go ahead with a new project or launch a new product. The first week and the second week of April 2015 are the best for your finances and product development.

The Moon influences the health of the Aquarius. The Lunar Eclipse on April 4, 2015 could cause some minor health concerns, but your overall condition is good. It's actually a cosmic message: Take it easy. Take better care of yourself, such as more exercise, better nutrition and go to bed earlier.

The Lunar Eclipse of April 4, 2015 shows that you better delay a trip abroad until the second half of the month. Take it easy this month, Aquarius.