Virgo September 2014


Virgo September 2014

September 2014 is the month in which everything proceeds in a smoother and easier way.

Besides love, emotions and intimacy, there is an invisible bond that holds you together and that is the tangible reality, such as possession and money.
Venus, the planet of Love will be traveling through Virgo this month. You can count on a period full of love, especially for the Virgo in a committed relationship. With this love energy you need warmth and tenderness. Your power to seduction is irresistible, so there is no lack of love. Your seduction is a magnet and you get many compliments and attention. It will not be easy to cope with all those opportunities and temptations! In any case, there are many social occasions and parties. Opportunities and potential abound!
As of September 26 Jupiter and Uranus cause fireworks in your committed relationship. Do not immerse yourself in a new adventure just like that. Think twice before you do.

In the second half of September 2014, there may be problems with your house, think of a leak or faulty appliances. You can also face burglary in your home.

In September 2014, everything goes smoothly and your goals are within reach. The best days are in the first week of September. Your personal charm supports your career, so you know how to attract the attention of others who wish to work with you. September is a month that is dominated by all kinds of cooperation. You may rejoice in popularity and prosperity. You want to make your ambitions come true and show the world what you're capable of. Collaboration brings your leadership qualities forward and strengthens your position. It shows you the best path to take. The time has come to put the wheels of existing plans and ideas in motion. Listen to good advice. Pay attention to the small print when signing a contract, especially in the first week of September

The theme of money is an important component in September 2014. There's enough money, but it is wise to act economical, because certain surprises await you in the course of the month. The New Moon on September 24th is in your House of Money. You will have the financial resources needed from unexpected sources. It is possible that you want to build or buy a house. In the third week of September there will be money in the form of a loan to make changes. When you are in doubt, you may not be ready to starting a new business.


Your health fluctuates this month, allowing you to get plenty of rest. Fortunately Mercury and Chiron about watching your health. Your resistance helps to get well soon. Generally, you're in good shape. The Sun and Venus travel together in September through your sign and this optimistic energy encourages you not to give up at all times. In August 2014 you suffered from nervousness and this disappears during the course of this month. Do try to be moderate with what you eat and drink. You tend to go over the top which can be harmful to your health.

The earth sign Virgo is connected to the tangible. You want nothing more than to create and fix what is broken and that includes people as well. That's a nice feature as long as you don’t allow yourself to be broken.