Taurus September 2014


Taurus September 2014

In September 2014 the Sun and Venus visit your House of Love, Children and Creativity! The Sun and Venus will be having an in-depth chat with Pluto in regard to relationships, family and career. Sometimes you think: is this all there is? Have a look first at what you have and what really is. Things may change for you.

September is downright enchanting for Taurus! There has been some tension lately caused by Mars and Saturn. That tension ebbs away from September 6th. You get the chance to talk things through and a lot of love comes in return! September is a month of fun and loving moments! It is a month for giving in to your desires or investigating your desires. In a committed relationship, passion between the two of you flares up again!

September 2014 is the month of taking new steps forward. Consider a baby, engagement or sharing a house with your loved one. On September 14, a stress aspect between Mercury and Uranus may cause a problem. Examine the cause of the problem before you talk about it. As of September 21 everything will go smoothly with you and the family. Consider a spontaneous vacation to go camping. Back to nature!

Put yourself in the spotlights this month! Show what you're worth, what you can do and who you are! September 2014 brings a warm wave of creativity and asks of you to step forward with your creativity. Not only the creative aspect is favorable this month. Also, presentations, promotions, scientific or technical projects, sales, travel or launching new projects will prosper from the second half of the month. In the first half of September, you may have to deal with gossip and anger. Stay out of this. Trust your intuition and keep yourself on a tight schedule. The choices you make on September 14 will be a decisive factor for the rest of the year. Around September 21 a spectacular career opportunity awaits.

The entire month of September looks good financially. Cooperation appears to be profitable. In the second half of September 2014 your income increases. Around September 25th it is possible that you are going to do a major purchase or investment. On September 14, Mars enters your House of Joint Finances and you get the chance to resolve an old debt.

September 2014 is an auspicious month for obtaining useful information about your health when traveling for medical treatment or for your physical condition in general. Physical exercise is so much more fun if you do together!

If you feel the need to do something creative, make time to do so!