Scorpio September 2014


Scorpio September 2014


September 2014 is a month of emotional ups and downs. In the last week of September, you are confused due to Mars and Neptune, making it difficult to express your feelings. At such times, the best thing to do is to go outside to be together with Mother Nature, the Moon and the stars.

In September 2014 your love life is quiet and calm. Not passionate, but harmonious with potential for growth. The relationship is friendly with mutual support. September 2014 is a happy and carefree month of mutual support, togetherness and optimism. Instead of intense and deep emotions, the feeling is more future-oriented. Your social calendar is lively this month and maybe you meet old friends! Group activities play a major role this month for you and your partner. In a group or in participating in group activities the free Scorpio can find a new love. Friends play an intermediary or advisory role this month in case there are problems in your relationship. Generally speaking the second part of September would be more relaxed. The New Moon on September 24th is in your House of Love. If there are any doubts in your relationship, open up your heart and the universe will give you all he answers.
In the first weekend of September there is distrust and sadness. The Full Moon of September 8 is in your House of Family. This Full Moon brings new energy, but also a plethora of emotions. You only want the very best for your children and your family. This Full Moon energy brings you the solutions to problems in your family. The second half of September is a prosperous, determined and happy time for your family. Even though there is disagreement, you know how to find the right words to put things right. Maybe it's a good time to take a little trip together. Especially the last week of September is a fun week. For quite a while now, you are looking for something special. And you're gonna find during that trip!

September 2014 was an active month for your career. In the first part of September, you possess the energy and fighting spirit to climb the highest mountains. In the second part of September are major projects and innovative ideas! The generous connection in Fire of Jupiter, Mars and Uranus supports you in everything you do. Success can be achieved in the public sphere, where groups come together with the same interests and ideals. Your popularity is carried by friends, colleagues and anyone with whom you work. The New Moon in Libra of September 24 asks you after think about what you can do to make improvements in your career.


The first half of September 2014 is suitable for preparation and research. Think about how to improve your situation. This month there is a chance to do an investment in real estate. Venus travels through your House of the Collective Togetherness, Social Life and Friends and that means income may be arising therefrom. Your financial situation will take turn for the best after 14 September 2014. The trust and your income grows. After September 18, it is wise to take it slow down. Do not start a large project. Realize that spontaneous spending can lead to regret and loss of all you hold dear.

In the first half of September 2014 is your health is delicate. Take good care of yourself. Sufficient rest and relaxation are necessary to avoid stress. In the second part of the month you are in better health. A good opportunity to find a cure and bring changes to your appearance and lifestyle.

Dare to look across your horizon. Scorpio. So many beautiful things are waiting there for you!