Sagittarius September 2014


Sagittarius September 2014

September 2014 is a month of togetherness and social contacts. Mercury in Libra will be traveling through your House of Friendships. Your social agenda is fully planned with appointments! If it might be a bit too much for you, please look first what those arrangements can mean for your future. Listen to the voice of your soul!

From September 6 Venus, the planet of Love, is in the earth sign Virgo. With this energy you might get critical comments from your partner or others about your relationship. Criticism can be constructive. Listen with your heart and do something with it. Venus travels through your Tenth House of Career. The fixed relationship is interlinked with ambition, prestige and social position. In September 2014, it is possible for the free Sagittarius to start a relationship with someone who has to do with your career. It is also possible that your partner is helpful with your career. It is also possible that professional decisions are influenced by feelings, but it can also be the other way round. You also demand more from your partner or you feel attracted to people with social influence, or people with exceptional skills and achievements. September 2014 is a month that invites you and your partner to engage in romantic group activities.

The Full Moon of September 9, 2014 will be shining on your House of Family, Home and Private life. Your career and profession requires all your energy and attention, but your family also demands attention too. You will be given the choice, what's more important to you, your work or your family? Talk to your colleagues or friends. Sharing your feelings helps you make the right choice.

The Sun in Virgo is traveling until September 23 through your House of Career and that makes September 2014 a successful month. In the full sunlight, you can differentiate yourself with brilliance, to impress someone or take control of a situation. With this energy decision making is so much easier. Through the influence of the Sun, you are ego-oriented which can lead to conflict, so you will be challenged during a meeting. Venus joins the Sun on its journey through your House of Career, which supports your popularity. With this unified energy there will be useful social contacts and favors the conduct of meetings and gatherings. As of September 14 is your vision focused on results and future. Collaborations and group projects will be the common thread in September 2014. Collaboration bring achievement, success, higher earnings and other benefits of a material nature.

September 2014 starts well and feels like a warm bath. You can finally make your wish come true by making that purchase. You'll soon recover minor setbacks. Those setbacks keep you aware of your financial situation!

In the first half of September, you may suffer from fatigue and need a lot of need of sleep. Give in to that need. Postpone an activity that requires a lot of energy from you.
In the second half of September, you will benefit from vitality, focus and endurance. That's because the journey of Mars through your sign has begun! With the entrance of Mars in Sagittarius your optimism and enthusiasm will be contagious! You need to channel all that extra energy into a lot of action and movement. If you do not, you may have to deal with conflicts, accidents and acute conditions.

Follow your dreams and ambition! Take action, dare to go for it!