Pisces in September 2014


Pisces in September 2014

September 2014 is the month in which relationships and finances play a major role.
Mercury in Libra challenges Pluto and Uranus in the second week of September to address various problems in your life in order to proceed with your life. You will see that everything will be solved in a dignified and peaceful way.

The Full Moon in your own sign on September 9 asks you to think about your desires in the relationship that you have. What do I want for myself? The atmosphere in your relationship is of a friendly nature.
Venus, the planet of Love and Harmony accompanies the Sun this month on its journey through your House of Relationships. Your heart is full of love and is open to receive love. The relationship with your partner asks your attention. You can find the right gesture to reach your partner and the right words to touch your partner. Basically everything you do this month is about your relationship. The second half of September is not a good time to start a new relationship or try to repair a broken relationship.If you do not have a partner, love finds you with the New Moon on September 24. Venus asks you how far you are willing to allow intimacy in your own relationship.

In the first half of September 2014 you have to deal with problems within the family. Opinions are sometimes diametrically opposed. In the second half of September, there are issues that have to do with children and educational issues. When you travel, it is for a reason. You can combine business with pleasure, the trip can be of spiritual nature, to study, or a trip to relax and retreat. As of September 21 Pluto has awakened and that is the best time to escape from the hectic life! The last week of September invites for a good book on the couch.

September 2014 is an interesting month regarding your career. The key word this month is cooperation. Social contacts, networking, teamwork and volunteerism bring success and new opportunities to your career. Collaboration motivates you to make any changes. New partnerships, but also there will be new contracts to be signed this month. An exciting month! In the first week of September, your help and advice is appreciated. As of September 14, Mars, the action planet will be traveling through your House of Career, so you get a real career boost. In the latter part of September the exciting connection between Mars, Uranus, Jupiter motivates you to take initiatives and have a look across your borders.

Besides Love, Money is a hot topic this month. Mercury in Libra asks of you how you handle money. In the first week of september it’s time for you bookkeeping and signing of contracts. Until September 27th Mercury will remain in the House of Shared Resources. You are now given the opportunity to settle old debts or be eligible for cash which you are entitled to. Think of alimony or a commitment from friends or acquaintances. Tell it like it is and what you need. Otherwise, get a payment schedule.

In September 2014 you dispose of a large amount of energy and an increased resistance. Proper nutrition and adequate rest will do the rest. Stay away from negative people, because you are concerned about the suffering of others and in the end it’s you who does all the suffering. Mind this mont your blood pressure, cholesterol or blood sugar.

Make sure you take plenty of rest this month alongside regular exercise.