Libra September 2014


Libra September 2014

September 2014 is on the move! A month of new incentives and diversity in your social life! Mercury travels from September 3 through your House of Personality and energy which inspires you to meet people who bring you further on your path.

Venus, the planet of Love will be traveling in the Twelfth House, the area of the Unconscious and Hidden Secrets. In this twilight zone you'll need discretion and privacy in a committed relationship. Sometimes, You need to be alone too, in your own little space. Feeling remains secret from the outside world and kept just to yourselves. It is a period of preparation, from germination. In the second part of September, the atmosphere changes and is more open. Free Libra can meet someone with whom you get into conversation. That meeting could lead to a permanent relationship.

The last part of September is the most suitable period for your home to do chores and restoration. Especially the last weekend.You could take a well deserved vacation with your family and friends! On the last day of September, your charming negotiation skills will be needed. A friend needs your help in a quarrel within the family.

September 2014 is a suitable month for everything to do with communication, education, law and culture. Think of studying, editing, writing, research, calculations and data, speeches, interviews, meetings and negotiations, but also cooperation in the long-distance, travel, sports and creativity. Good days for your career are 4 and 5th of September. On these days you will be rewarded for your efforts! The first half of September is a positive and favorable period for your career. A period of hard work, new ideas and stability. If you're looking for work you can make progress. Of course, there are challenges in the middle of the second week. It all seems to be going nowhere and there's a deadline where you will be adhered to. Challenges are just opportunities! In the second half of September, the growth and progress continues and the success will be more visible. A long-term project is successfully completed around September 25.

September 2014 shows a quiet month in which you have sufficient resources to do important purchases. In the second part of September will be favorable conditions for new contracts or new sources of income.
In the first half of September, you are not in shape. You have little energy and you can get a cold or flu. Take care of yourself, you need lots of rest to recover. In the fourth week of September you are heading in the right direction. The New Moon on September 24th is in your sign, Libra. The Sun and the Moon in the House of Personality give you the inspiration to restore the physical and emotional balance in your life. Break with that nasty habit. Good food and more exercise for your health!

Collaboration is the key to success this month!