Leo September 2014


Leo September 2014

Love and money are intertwined in September 2014. In the second half of September, you will be rewarded for your efforts over the past months!

The first half of September feels a bit like a cold shower, what love is concerned. This period is more of a practical nature now. In the relationship, you focus on money, housing and property. Communication is rational, logical and practical, clear and bright. Around September 13, some angry words may be spoken. Your focus is so strong on making money. Your beloved demands to know what comes first.
In the second half of September there is space for love, when the fiery Mars enters cheerful Sagittarius in your House of Love and Creativity. Mars increases intense emotions and makes your heart burn with desire! You can not wait for the next step if you have met that special person. Love crosses in your path unexpectedly and in many cases, that love has to do with long-distance travel. Take some time off for your loved one. What about a romantic getaway?

Your can be dominating and that attitude can cause problems and misunderstandings in the family. Not everyone can share your opinion! Mars in Sagittarius in your Fifth House asks your inner child to come and play outside! Especially the second half of September are great for home and family. You love to take the initiative to do some fun things with your family. How about a day away from it all?

September 2014 is a prosperous month for your career! Around September 10 something urgent at work causes more responsibility imputed to you. Mercury travels through Libra in your House of Communication! The best opportunities are in professions that have to do with education, sales, communications, media, information provision and travel. New initiatives and procedures are progressing well. You know how to bring your message and it will be received with a warm welcome! Your efforts will be richly rewarded! Please note that in the first half of the month, your ego is not in the way when dealing with others.
The second half of September 2014 brings you confidence and enthusiasm to start something new or to make changes easier to implement. Favorable conditions will support you in all your endeavors. When you start something new, you will notice that everything runs smoothly. At the end of September, the mood will be less at work and you'd better have a few days off.

Venus travels this month through your House of Finance. Thanks to your commitment and hard work more money comes naturally. In September money is an important issue for you. This month you actively look for new sources to boost your income. There's more money in the form of a raise or bonus, an acquisition or profitable transactions.

The Great Benefactor Jupiter travels through your sign Leo. In September 2014 it will not lack energy and dynamics! A lot of enthusiasm boosts your condition and ensures that your resistance is higher. In the first half of September you have to be careful, because stress is lurking, as well as the risk of small accidents. In the second half of September your vitality grows and you will have the energy to do the things that need to be done. In the second half of September 2014 there could be something wrong with your face or your teeth.

Avoid all forms of exaggeration. Do not buy nice things that are useless!