Gemini September 2014


Gemini September 2014

September 2014 is an inspiring month for Gemini. Your planet Mercury in Libra will be traveling through your House of Communication this month. Go out to do some networking and meet new friends! This month it’s all about finding a healthy balance between work and private life. Libra and Virgo have a major impact on you this month.

September 2014 is the month of Love! Your planet Mercury will visit your House of Love, Creativity and Romance later this month. Love is in everything and this strong energy supports everything you do! From September 14, fiery Mars will be in Sagittarius causing even more passionate moments in your House of Relationships. As of September 23 your desires grow even stronger. Your love energy and enthusiasm will be growing every day. A fixed relationship deepens with this energy. You love to flirt and you enjoy all the reactions you get. In this loving atmosphere, a new passion may soon blossom.

In September 2014 you are oriented on home, family and private life more than on career and ambitious pursuit of goals. From September 5 to September 29, Venus in Virgo will visit the House of Family and Private Life. You're going to spend a lot of energy to your home, garden and family. Give your family the warm attention they need.

The Full Moon in Pisces on September 9 takes place in your House of Career. The theme for you: find balance between work and private life! If everyone is happy at home, your career is happy as well. Your mental ability works at full speed! You let yourself heard and you're an all-rounder. Of course, there are challenges, especially in the first half of the month. Like no other you can sell whatever you recommend. It goes without saying that the best results are to be achieved in real estate, food, household items and everything that has to do with agriculture or natural resources. The pressure is less in the second half of September, which is characterized by teamwork and cooperation.

This month, you won’t complain about your finances and maybe you can spend some money to renovate your home. Venus, the planet of Finance, travels through Virgo in your House of Family and Private Life. If you consider a loan for the house of business, the beste days are around September 6th or around September 29th.

In the first half of September, Mars and Saturn are traveling together through your Home of Health, so your health is not always stable. Try to keep in shape, but do not overdo in everything you do. Go to the doctor if you do not trust a signal of your body. In the second half of September 2014 you benefit from increased energy and that energy needs to go somewhere! How about a walk, cycle or swim?

Think with your heart, feel what you think! Do not bite off more than you can chew and make sure you get enough sleep.