Capricorn September 2014


Capricorn September 2014

September 2014 is an energetic month of financial growth, new love and social success. Do a lot of networking and attend meetings. Sprinkle your business cards! Pluto is on your side, go for it.

In September 2014, Venus, the planet of Love, visits your House of Philosophy Justice and Traveling. Distance and spirituality are intwined with your feelings, opening doors to a new dimension. This month you can meet someone from afar or someone with a different background. It might be someone who teach you things from another point of view, so you get a different perspective on life. Romantic getaways or a foreign love will paint this month in all colors of the rainbow.
The Full Moon of September 9 increases the emotional aspect in the relationship thanks to Neptune in Pisces.

This month, you have to find the balance between work and family. There may be words of criticizing in everything you do. The workload is high. It is advisable to take a moment to relax in the end of september to be able to give the required attention. Success is only relative, your personal happiness is so much more important.

September 2014 is a good month in regard to your career. The focus is in the area of information, communication, higher education and scientific, cultural and legal research. Networking, writing, research, study and presentations bring success and recognition. At school you can pass an exam, write a thesis or graduate. Especially in the first week of september the best opportunities come forward. From September 6, Venus travels through Virgin and from that date your star increases. You are popular and your advice is highly appreciated. It is possible that you will be asked to lead a project. Besides popularity that change may bring a bonus or form of promotion. As of September 14, Mars will travel through the sign of Sagittarius and that means a great time for you! The universe smiles at you and with this positive energy you will find the solutions you seek. A project runs smoothly. As of September 21, you get the reward for your efforts. Cooperation in the long-distance and business trips are pleasant and profitable.

As smooth as your career goes, so prosperous are your finances. There is a fresh wind blowing in your life, call it a renewed enthusiasm. This energy plan brings great plans in the area of business investment! Money and success go hand in hand in september 2014.

In September there is no room for oppression. You are clear and focused. This positive energy keeps you in shape and gives you strength and confidence. This energy boost is great, but keep this one in check. You can’t stop when you actually have to stop, yes even at work. In the first half of september 2014there may be problems with your teeth, your face or your voice. In the second half of September, there is the risk of an accident or suddenly becoming ill.

You are in the spotlight this month and others in your environment can not bear the bright light. Therefore be on your guard!