Cancer September 2014


Cancer September 2014

Your expectations run high in the first half of September. Due to obstacles and less stamina, those expectations can be disappointing sometimes. After September 18 improvements will appear in your work and in your personal life.

Good communication is the key to a good relationship. Especially in September 2014, the communication for Cancer will be smooth, rich and meaningful. Information is shared more easier between the both of you and there is a wide exchange of ideas and opinions. Communication is sincere, statements and confessions are made. The topics are about the house, housing, family, cohabitation and possessions. A walk on the beach or in the park, dating, dinners and romantic getaways happen in this loving atmosphere. The first part of September is in the sign of passion. Some angry words on 9 and September 10. Venus travels from September 4 through your House of Relationships and that gives a sense of peace and calm. The second part of September is of a practical nature, such as discussing daily tasks, activities and responsibilities. You could meet someone who could have a meaningful influence on your relationship.

Mars will be traveling this month through the House of Love, Creativity and Children. In this area there are plenty of activities and everything will be without too much drama.
The Full Moon of September 9 will be in the House of Philosophy, Religion and Education. The Full Moon asks of you to make a contribution to charity, animals or children. How about a little trip with children and other family members? The New Moon on September 24 puts emphasis on necessary changes in your environment. Follow all indications. Perhaps it may be necessary to move. Talk to your family about this.

September 2014 shows a renewal or positive changes in the area of career. The first part of the month is creative, especially September 4 and 5 are positive days where everything related to home and work is progressing according to plan. A relaxed atmosphere can bring out favorable conditions, but it’s all a bit slow. Especially September 13 and 14 are days of medium-speed. The energy in the second part of September is active and busy. Activities will follow rapidly and you' ll have little time to put your feet up. There are dead-lines and agreements that must be maintained. There are situations which require a direct approach, strength and determination. Situations require a lot of energy from you. There are meetings and outings. Luckily you have the right assets to handle these situations, your intellectual capacity, knowledge and communication skills! These are great features to negotiate, to attend meetings, make arrangements, to take exams and study. Persuasion helps you to get your way.

Venus, the planet of Finances, will move into Virgo on September 5. This energy asks you to pay close attention to your finances. An energy that inspires you to scrimp and save. Ensure proper financial planning and budgeting. Cut your credit card in half if need be! Around September 15, you can expect a bonus or a financial windfall.

The first half of September 2014 looks promising. You are optimistic and you have faith in your skills. Your sense of humor ensures that you will feel good in your own skin. You have a lot of energy that you can channel in dynamic activities such as fitness, walking, cycling and swimming. The second half of September can be a bit problematic. Around September 23 you can suddenly get ill or have an accident. Take care, take it easy and take the necessary precautions to avoid risks. Most accidents usually happen at home. Also around September 30th your health may be less.

Invite people! In short, meet new friends! Around September 25 you meet that long-lost friend at a party. Time to do some catching up!