Aries September 2014


Aries September 2014

September 2014 is a month of collaboration and relationships. A month for catching your breath and recharging your batteries. There are things you're insecure about and one of those things is your confidence. September is dedicated to regaining that self-confidence. At the end of the month you’ll be fine.

September is the month of relationships. Venus is this month in the House of Daily Work. Not very romantic, you might think. The focus lies on teamwork, such as the division of chores and responsibilities. The first week of September is progressing well, but from September 7 you have to deal with power struggles and emotions may be running high. You want to confront your partner with something to make and keep things negotiable. Keep communicating in a loving way with your partner, but let him or her know what you're going through. The strong planetary energy in your House of Relationships shows that you have some compromise to do this month if there are obstacles in your relationship. Forgive and forget and look at the future with a clean slate.
At the end of the month, the free Aries may be enchanted by a special person so that you will consider a new step forward.

The division of responsibilities and tasks within the family will be discussed this month. Children would play a major role in case of conflicts concerning strong egos in your family. The last week of September is suitable for family activities and fun with friends.

September 2014 is the month of cooperation and teamwork in all kinds of relationships, even at work. Teamwork is the key, though you prefer to work on your own. By working together you can achieve more! September is a great creative period to network and get started with new projects. In the first week, you look back on projects completed in the previous month. In the second week you are challenged at work. In the second half of September, the focus is on negotiation, short trips, work abroad, legal, intellectual and cultural activities. You ambitious attitude is noticed and can lead to an improvement in your social position and private life. From September 14 your personal planet Mars will be traveling through Sagittarius and that means a new dynamic! Your boss and authorities are in your favour. Until August 2015 Jupiter will be traveling through the House of Love. Maybe a new love in the workplace?

The first half of September can be a little tense, but that tension will be less during the month. The end of the month looks good with regard to your financial picture.

From September 5 Venus is traveling through your Home of Health and Daily Work. Your health and your partner’s health ask for your attention. September is an auspicious month for all kinds of treatments, whether they are medical or cosmetic in nature. Existing medical problems can finally be solved. You may catch a cold or flu this month, but thanks to the good care of your beloved you’ll back on your feet in no time. Your health improves to the end of September. Maybe a good moment to quit that nasty habit?

Provide a plan and go for it!