Aquarius September 2014


Aquarius September 2014

September 2014 is an excellent month for friendships, good conversation, study, specialization and research. The second half of September shows positive growth. On September 13 Mercury and Uranus may bring you surprising news!

The planet of love, Venus, is traveling this month through your House of Soul and Transformation. Venus draws attention to the deep and mysterious side of your relationship. September 2014 is a month to examine your feelings and learning to understand emotions and desires of your partner. Jupiter in Leo visits your House of Relationships, so you can be faced with a possessive lover. This month, you can figure out a secret that has to do with your partner. You may also have to deal with repressed desires, emotional frustrations and fears regarding this relationship. Maybe your expectations are too high. As of September 25, the atmosphere changes and you and your partner work as a team. The transit of Venus can indicate joint funds. Through your partner money can be obtained.

September 2014 is a month to plan a trip or go on a trip. In the second week of September, everything goes smoothly. On September 14, Mars in Sagittarius makes you get important information. Mars in Sagittarius guarantees an active and friendly atmosphere. A month of good conversations. The last week of September is a good week to be together.

You are determined to achieve your goals and you are prepared to do anything for this cause. For example you can impose your views in a compelling way and and fight for your right. Take special care with how you say something. Sing a softer tune. In the first week of September, there are challenges at work. Things don’t work as you would like them to be and that leads to frustration among colleagues. In the second half of September there will be growth in the career and opening new doors. In the third week of September there will be solutions found to the existing discontent. This month, you could pass an exam and is the communication with foreign countries is satisfying.

The Full Moon of September 9 shines on your House of Money and Possessions. Lately you have financial problems and this Full Moon gives you the answer to all those questions. Even if the answer is not what you want to hear, you realize that what you have is enough to be happy. You learn to cut back on your spending or to stay within budget. The transit of Venus can indicate joint funds. The possibility exists that you receive money through your partner. There is money to be made from cooperation, but the risk of fraud and errors lurking.

This month, you're not in a good shape. It is wise to divide your energy as good as possible. You're suffering from stress and hats’s why you get upset so easily. The tendency is also to exaggerate and act careless in everything you do. So take it easy, be careful with everything you do and wherever you're going, especially on the road. In the first half of September 2014 there could be something with your face or mouth.

It is recommended not to give your trust blindly in finances.