Astrological monthly forecast for September 2014

After a violent August 2014 the world tries to pick it up courage back in literal and figurative sense. In an apparent energy of calmness and confidence, we go back to the basics, back to work, back to school. Back to what has previously has occurred. ...
In the first half of September, we look back at the events, to determine the cause and above all trying to recover and learn from what went wrong. Big problems require practical solutions. In mid-September, this energy is disrupted by a serious misinterpretation or misunderstanding which could lead to a serious situation. Ostrich politics, opposition instead of cooperation and extreme weather exacerbate the situation. Uranus in Aries, Mars in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Leo. Three significant planets in Fire. This means a period of overheated protest, riots, bloodshot and religious war. But also extreme weather conditions as huge fires, flooding, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes will be frequenter. All of this will be enlarged by Jupiter in fiery Leo.
For most part of this month our cosmic messenger Mercury will rush through Libra, making thoughtfulness and diplomatic posture predominate. Communication will be considerate and no decision will be forced.
Venus will be this month mostly in the sign of Virgo. Mercury is associated with Virgo and Venus is associated with Libra ... So, these personal planets travel through each other’s sign and that is the reason why that the energy generally feels calm and anchored, especially in our social life.
The Full Moon in Pisces on September 9 takes us on high emotional waves.
On September 14 the red planet Mars leaves the Water sign Scorpio and pushes his way into Sagittarius. Mars in fiery Sagittarius is the dynamic, inspiring, groundbreaking and forward-looking strength. Mars is brave and ready to experience. Mars is also the planet of War and Aggression. Mars in Sagittarius is a brave fighter who wants to fight for a belief or view of life. Mars will remain until the end of October 2014 in Sagittarius and could be explosive, but also give the feeling that anything is possible.
The entry of Mars in Sagittarius is the prelude to a cosmic covenant Fire between Mars, Uranus and Jupiter, which will be formed at the end of this month. There could be information which totally changes our beliefs about the limiting of our ability. This groundbreaking aspect allows us to learn by experience and gives us the courage to actually push our boundaries. This wave of optimism is primarily felt by Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, but also the Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are loaded with initiatives that may lead to unexpected opportunities and success!
With the shift of the Sun into Libra on September 23, the sign of balance and harmony, the Autumn begins. The Autumn equinox is in the sign of relationships, cooperation and togetherness. The Sun is asking us how relationships affect our lives, in our personal life and in the world around us.
The New Moon of September 24 is also in the sign of Libra, the prelude of a cycle of cooperation and togetherness. For the next six months and opportunity will be given to achieve wholeness in our relationships.
On September 23, Pluto awakens from his long retrograde sleep. Pluto, our big cosmic broom, immediately starts with cleaning up our lives like never before. Out with the old and in with the new!
As of September 25 a cosmic covenant with Uranus and Jupiter will be formed in Fire, which opens doors for us to change and inventions and ingenious solutions for medical, technical and scientific issues. A cosmic guide for change, freedom and growth! Let us embrace this gift from heaven and make the best of it! Early October, Mars will join this alliance and by ding so the Grand Trine in Fire is formed! A Trine in Fire is always actively creative! Until mid-October 2014, we get the opportunity with this Grand Trine in Fire to playfully explore all possibilities. Nothing ventured nothing gained!
The end of September is, astrologically speaking, a positive period of smooth changes and possible breakthroughs.
Mercury is preparing for its third and final retrograde period in 2014. The shadow period starts on September 20th and precedes the actual retrograde period beginning on October 4, 2014. This period is contained by nasty retrograde small jabs, but the real fun starts at September 28 when Mercury enters the sign of Scorpio. As from September 20, it is wise not to make any major decisions or to start new projects.

October 2014 brings us Mercury retrograde and no less than two eclipses! October 2014 starts with a total Lunar Eclipse at 15 ° in the fire sign Aries. This coincides exactly with the Fire Triangle between Mars, Jupiter and Uranus. Note the date October 9! Due to the energy of the Grand Trine in Fire this can be a revealing day!

September 2014:

Monday, September 1: The Moon in Scorpio merges with Mars in Scorpio. In an intense and negative atmosphere, emotions run high. People react with passion when justice is at stake. Ego's are strong and people are soon offended or aggrieved.

Tuesday, September 2: The Moon in Sagittarius is in its First Quarter phase. A day of growing optimism! We want to move forward regardless of opposition. Learning processes and crises are seen as challenges. It is a test phase in which we make improvements in various situations.

Wednesday, September 3: Mercury has left the sign of Virgo and has entered the air sign Libra, where it will remain until September 27. A desire for harmony and sophistication in communication. We take time to reach a good decision. In these three weeks communication is in a more diplomatic way. Nice weeks for all forms of artistry and collaboration.

Thursday, September 4: The Sun in Virgo Trines Pluto retrograde in Capricorn. In a positive aspect of courage and confidence, we are concentrated to bring a new personal project to a successful outcome or finding the courage to stop something that is not realistic. If you can’t make it on your own, you just have to ask for help! Even the most demanding projects succeed. With inner peace and objectivity conflicts can be restored.

Friday, September 5: Beware on the road when doing business. Make more speed with less haste. Try not to force a solution if there is a problem in a relationship.

Saturday, September 6: Venus, the planet of Love and Beauty, has left the fire sign Leo for the Earth sign Virgo. This energy lasts until September 29th. Venus in Virgo is practical, conservative and pure in its intentions. In these three weeks, the energy is not guided by emotions, but by logic. Purchases are being made, only if these contribute to everyday life! Also in relationships: quality over quantity! The atmosphere is therefore critical. People watch what you wear, but especially with what you propagate.

Sunday, September 7: A day of optimism! Today we look at the bright side of life, so we make the best of it. A constructive day.

Monday, September 8: You want to continue the optimistic mood of yesterday, but today it is better to take a more cautious stance. Think first before you act and with whom you interact. The power of the nearly Full Moon in Pisces is focused inside and demands to find inner balance.

Tuesday, September 9, It is Full Moon at 16º in the Water sign Pisces. The Moon is opposite the Sun in Virgo. This Full Super Moon of 2014 is also called the Full Harvest Moon, it is the last full moon before the Autumn Equinox. The theme is gratefulness for the generous gifts of Mother Nature. It is the time to harvest and nature is preparing for the upcoming winter season. Gratefulness for everything that grows in nature but also gratefulness for your own inner growth. This Full Moon is an emotionally charged Full Moon. From 7 to September 11 this will be felt by insomnia, many tears and surrendering to the Higher Power. The last Super Full Moon of 2014 is very close to Chiron, the wounded healer and is emotionally charged extra by the theme of childhood, motherhood and memories. Memories from the past return in dreams and flashbacks. Family trauma can have a major impact on our lives. Physical ailments can have an emotional cause. Pisces is Water and Water is feelings and emotions, so an abundance of tears looking for a way out. Chiron helps you to shed your tears, to drain your pain. It's a great opportunity for spiritual salvation. Be careful with alcohol and drugs or other forms of addiction. You may lose self-control. Celebrate this Full Moon up and around the water, sea and natural resources. Water cleanses your body and soul. With this Full Moon the healing energy of Chiron gives hope to the world, hope to those who need it the most. This energy is so strong that it takes several days to weeks before you are back in balance.

Wednesday, September 10: Mercury in Libra squares Pluto retrograde in Capricorn. Today a negative mood dominates and harsh and hurtful words may be spoken. Existing disputes or conflicts from the past come are once again ignited. A day of manipulation, silencing and power games. A day in which ultimatums are made. Better not to stage the truth, because that only leads to misunderstandings.
Today Venus in Virgo is exactly opposite Neptune retrograde in Pisces. Be careful today in all types of relationships! You may be faced with lies, betrayal and confusing signals, illusions and fantasy in the financial and erotic area. You may be misled if the intention is not pure. Stay realistic and do not get carried away, even it feels great for you. Anything is possible today, even if something is better than you had hoped for. Don’t promise gold mountains. They don’t exist.

Thursday, September 11: The Sun in Virgo smiles at Saturn in Scorpio. In a serious, organized and harmonious atmosphere projects can be developed and completed. Mercury in Libra gets along well with Jupiter in Leo. Communication, discussions and negotiations are pleasant and plans are made for the future. This connection supports studies and philosophical learning which may increase consciousness.

Friday, September 12: A busy day of optimism. There is an energetic atmosphere which improves performances and initiatives. Not a good day to make decision though.

Saturday, September 13: Mercury in Libra is exactly opposite Uranus retrograde in Aries today. Expect the unexpected! The atmosphere is impulsive, unreliable and a little crazy. Plans are overthrown, solutions are not practical. In a relationship people jump to conclusions. Stressful situations, mistakes and rebellion lead to a negative atmosphere. First count to ten and keep your opinions to yourself. Focus yourself on the most essential items in daily life.

Sunday, September 14: The red planet Mars has left Scorpio behind and has entered the fire sign Sagittarius. The next six weeks are especially positive for Sagittarius, as well for Aries and Leo. With this energy there is more desire for new adventures. Eagerness to explore, that has to do with long-distance travel, college, lawsuits, religion and spirituality.

Monday, September 15: Venus in Virgo forms a nice trine with Pluto retrograde in Capricorn. A little dark and exciting day! Secret desires lead to erotic challenges. Highlights the financial field, but caution is advised. First think carefully before you throw yourself into an adventure of any kind.

Tuesday, September 16: The Moon in Gemini is in its Last Quarter phase. A day in which many ideas are born. However, not all ideas are realistic and well thought out. It is better to take some time in order to build a well-founded idea.

Wednesday, September 17: Mercury conjuncts with the north Node in Libra. A day of objective observations! If there are problems with project planning, daily business or communications, this is a day to correct, fixing bugs and resolve unpleasant conflicts.

Thursday, September 18: A good day to catch up with all your relationships, both at home and at work. Show how much you love your partner! Listen to some good advice today.

Friday 19 September: You may be fooled by your own feelings today. So stay well grounded and be your own true self!

Saturday, September 20: The Moon is very close to Jupiter in Leo. Be careful what you say today. You are communicative and you can tell something about yourself that you’d better keep to yourself. It is also possible that you reveal a secret about someone else. There may also be some small talk behind your back. It's a confusing day with mood swings and concentration problems.

Sunday, September 21: Venus in Virgo smiles at Saturn in Scorpio. A day of realistic stability, security and balance in relationships. A good start for a new relationship or to bring clarity in an existing relationship. Your own feelings and self-esteem is enhanced. Also a good financial day, money and possessions are handled in a disciplined manner. A good starting point for restoring your financial situation and self-esteem.

Monday, September 22: Mars in Sagittarius squares Neptune retrograde in Pisces. Not an easy day. Demanding projects and activities need attention, but you miss the strength and endurance to accomplish these tasks. It is important that you remain grounded. Something you had expected, turns out to be a disillusion. Conflicts can easily degenerate through misunderstandings. No one really understands the causing of that misunderstanding. A time-out and distance from the situation is the best thing to do. Self-control is the key word today.

Tuesday, September 23: The Sun enters the sign of Libra. Today we celebrate the Feast of Madron. The Sun is perpendicular to the equator. Day and night are in balance all over the world. This is the magic moment of the Autumnal Equinox, the first day of Autumn for the northern hemisphere. The first day of Spring in the southern hemisphere, where the Spring Equinox is celebrated. It is time for us to prepare for the coming winter. The Harvest of Summer is hauled and will feed us in the next cold winter month. Enjoy the colors and smells of Autumn, the changing and falling light and the tranquility of the gradually receding nature. In the coming month we seek balance in ourselves and in the world around us. A time of serenity, art and beauty.
Pluto has awakened today from his long retrograde sleep. At 10º Capricorn, the small giant Pluto proceeds slowly in forward motion again.

Wednesday, September 24: Today it is New Moon in the air sign of Libra. The Moon is directly between the Sun and the Earth and is not visible from our planet. The theme of this New Moon is: Focus yourself inwards and open yourself for anything that may contribute to your transformation, the relationship you maintain with yourself and how you interact with others. This New Moon brings a strong energy, so our pace of life will become intensified and accelerated.

Thursday, September 25: A highly creative today. You want to be free to express yourself creatively and want nothing more than to explore your options.

As of Friday, September 26 to October 1, 2014 Jupiter in Leo forms a beautiful trine with Uranus retrograde in Aries. A stunningly beautiful cosmic guideline which can lead to social and technical progress for us all! Religious and social emancipation is now possible, because this aspect paves the way for changes and developments. A positive attitude opens many doors for new opportunities. Every project that begins today has great potential for success and future prospects only if the intention is pure. However, in this positive atmosphere it is easy to believe in the sweet talk of visionaries and inventors who promise mountains of gold.

Saturday, September 27: A day to your heart's content to convey your creativity! The Moon in Scorpio allows you to dive into your emotions. Translate your feelings into a painting, poem, song or wherever your heart desires for. Peace and a good conversation at a soul level helps you to return to your inner strength. Take a hot bath with this energy and listen to whatever your soul wants to tell you.

Sunday September 28: Mercury enters the intense waters of Scorpio. With this energy is our spirit is inquisitive, concentrated and profound. We first want to know all details before taking action. The Moon is also very close to Saturn in Scorpio ... We are fascinated by the mysteries of life, but also researching conspiracy theories associated with this energy. Words may temporarily bear a sarcastic and aseptic undertone.

Monday, September 29: The communication is not so good today. You have trouble saying what is inside of you and you do not understand what the other is saying. Thoughts are ruled by emotions, so that a situation can be misunderstood.

Tuesday, September 30: Venus has left the Earth sign of Virgo and will be traveling to the end of October 2014 through the air sign Libra. With this energy, the focus is on all types of relationships. Maintaining a good relationship is much more important. We are attracted to all the nice things making us feeling better. We also strive for harmony and a peaceful and loving atmosphere.

An exciting month of September to you all!