Virgo October 2014

Virgo October 2014

October 2014 is a turbulent month with no less than two eclipses and Mercury retrograde. Through the influence of your planet Mercury retrograde, this month feelings are more prominent than structure and logic.

October 2014 is a month with a quiet and peaceful progress in love. Not really exuberant, it is more hidden, practical and expectant. In a committed relationship it is all about money or work, daily tasks and sometimes health. It is about finding the right balance. You may feel like you are getting no attention from your partner. Perhaps it feels as if your partner is absent. The Lunar Eclipse October 8 puts friendships to the test. You will notice that in the lives of your friends dramatic developments take place.
As of September 14 2014 until October 26 2014, Mars travels through your Fourth House of Family and Home. Domestic unrest in your home and the family caused stress. Mars in the Fourth House indicates repairs, removals, cleaning, renovations and building plans. If these things are still current, this is the best period to carry it out. Emotions could run high in your home and in the family. There could be conflicts or dramatic developments with family members, such as surgery with serious consequences. There may be problems with brothers, sisters and neighbors. Make sure your home is safe and secure. There is still a lot of old emotional pain that hangs heavy on you. That old pain stands a healthy relationship with your family in the way. It's time to go let go of that pain.

Mercury retrograde emphasizes the need to reconsider your career. Is your career to your liking? Or do you strive for something higher? The Solar Eclipse of October 23 occurs in the Third House of Communication. The Eclipse puts transport and communication to the test, think of your car, cell phone, I-Pad and the like. Take care and drive carefully. If you are at school, you could change your school or your study plan changes. At school, weird things happen. Each Eclipse brings the possibility for spiritual change. You learn to look at things in a different way and you take a different attitude towards life. The working conditions within the company you work for could change. Through the influence of Uranus, you can also change jobs. If you are your own boss, you will notice that dramas in the lives of your employees create an unstable work environment. Don’t plan too much in the days before and after the eclipse.
This month shows a prosperous financial period. Your planet Mercury is retrograde so you should look at the small print extra carefully. Be careful when making decisions, documents and calculations that require your utmost concentration. The Lunar Eclipse, Mercury retrograde and various aspects of the Sun and Venus provide variable, disturbing and surprising financial developments. Fortunately, you have Mars and Jupiter at your side so that things can turn out in your favor. Much depends on how carefully you handle money. Stay away from speculative risks.

October 2014 is not the best month for your health. Do not waste your precious energy. Do not go overboard with activities that need unnecessary energy or cause stress. The Lunar Eclipse October 8 occurs in your Eighth House of Transformation. Sometimes sickness or an accident awaken us to make a change in life. Due to the interference of Uranus, you may experience anxiety regarding surgery, death or near-death experience or fear of getting ill. It is always advisable to ask for a second opinion before surgery.

In October 2014 your planet Mercury is retrograde making this a month of reconsideration. The Eclipses indicate the closure of an old cycle and the beginning of a new one. Let go of what stands in the way of your development. That may be a person, place or attitude. On October 25, Mercury goes direct again. From that moment you know exactly what you have to do.