Taurus in October 2014


Taurus in October 2014

October 2014 will be different from all you would expect. It is a month of rethinking, evaluating and revising one-to-one relationships. The two eclipses bring completion. A piece of the past can be closed. There is room for a new beginning in personal life, work and relationships. Visualize during the Solar Eclipse of October 23 what you truly desire in your life.

A strong emphasis lies on relationships this month, whether private or business. The Solar Eclipse of October 23 occurs in your House of Relationships. An existing relationship or marriage is being put to the test. Also, existing friendships can not escape from this.
Power struggles within a relationship is never fun. After Mars left your House of Relationships on September 14, 2014, after two long years, the calm has been restored in the relationship. If, despite the many storms in those two years, your relationship became stronger, there is nothing to worry about. But there are also relationships that did not survive this though ordeal. Mercury retrograde, the Lunar Eclipse on October 8 and especially the Solar Eclipse on October 23 put your relationship once again at the test. You do not like change at all, but especially in the second part of October, unexpected and dynamic events will have a major impact on your relationship. You prefer to stay stuck in the old, but the Cosmos challenges you to make that quantum leap.

The Solar Eclipse of October 23 has an impact on your family and home. Family members react upset when the daily routine is disturbed. Mutual family relationships are put to the test. There may be an event regarding to a parent or parental figure within the family.

Also on the career lies a strong focus this month. Expect unusual developments due to Mercury retrograde, Uranus opposing your own planet Venus and the conjunction of Venus with the Node in Libra. The Lunar Eclipse on October 8 will pass without too much damage in regard to your career, unless you have an educational job or work in the spiritual world. Within the organization you work for major shifts occur. Make sure that your schedule is not fully planned. Any form of cooperation is put to the test this month, so communication with colleagues can be difficult. In the private life of your boss or supervisor dramatic developments may occur. Transport and communication could also cause problems, so drive carefully and make sure to get a good backup of your files. This Lunar eclipse in Aries is closely watched by your career planet, Uranus. Major career opportunities are emerging. Even if you keep working within your field, things will change in your favor.

This month there is a lot going on financially. The Solar Eclipse of October 23 occurs in your second house of Finance and Possessions. You deal with business acquisitions, investments and activities that have to do with banking, insurance and taxes. Besides the Eclipse Mercury retrograde could also lead to unexpected developments in your finances and possessions. These developments have to do with procrastination, problems and inner doubt about an investment. A crisis could shake your life to its foundations. That crisis makes you realize the difference in what you really value.

This month you should take more care of yourself, especially after October 23, 2014. At the beginning of October there is a lot of stress due to the opposition of the Sun and Venus with Uranus in Aries. Stress has a negative effect on your health. You need rest and relaxation. As a Taurus, you are strong and resilient and maybe you are not bothered too much. Take is easy anyway. A day in a spa works miracles. Also pay attention to your diet, drink plenty of water to relieve your kidneys to get rid of toxins.

October 2014 is a month of challenges. Especially at the end of the month with the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, but also with the advent of the Sun and your own planet Venus in Scorpio on October 24, you are confronted with the dark side of you. Take it easy, ensure a good schedule and avoid stress and risks as much as possible.