Scorpio October 2014


Scorpio October 2014

Your new solar year begins on October 24, when the Sun enters your sign. Discipline and stamina are required to achieve your goals. Mercury goes retrograde on October 4 in your sign, which makes October, a month of review and revision of purpose in life and relationships. The two eclipses this month are extra powerful for you. The Lunar Eclipse of October 8 has an impact on your work and health. The Solar Eclipse in your own sign of September 23 indicates tremendous personal changes. The end of a chapter in your life marks a new start. Mercury retrograde is asking you to consider what you want. Changes come and when they come it's good to be prepared.

Perhaps you have seen better days. This cosmic energy refers to loneliness, disillusionment, confusing situations. In short, this month your love life resides in a shadow world. Also, your friends can not escape this Solar Eclipse. Close friendships survive this test, but the less close friendships succumb under the pressure and cease to exist. The Solar Eclipse in your own sign Scorpio on October 23 occurs in your Twelfth House and is closely followed by Venus, the planet of Love. October 2014 can get a surprisingly passionate end with this Eclipse.

The violent Uranus and your own planet Pluto will have a direct link with the Lunar Eclipse on 8 October in Aries. The Lunar Eclipse occurs directly in your House of Family and Home. There may be fierce developments at your home and your family. Parents or elderly people around you should not be exposed to stress. If there are deficiencies in the house, it is time to take stock in order to repair these. It is advisable to pay attention to the safety of your home, for example by safety locks or alarm.

Each Eclipse brings extraordinary opportunities for your career. Jupiter and Uranus are well-disposed to your career and the joined forces with Mars indicate progress and an inherent financial reward. You've worked hard enough for it! Your current career can change to your great surprise. You can continue working in the same branch, but approach it in a totally different way. In the company where you work tremendous changes occur. Maybe there will be a reorganization. Your career planning needs to be adjusted. Open yourself to change!

Your career is flourishing and the result is a stable income. You solve an old debt which you will rid you of a heavy burden. In your area there are individuals who benefit from you financially and emotionally. It could also be that you are confronted with the dark side of yourself or you confront the other with his or her dark side. Keep your finances to yourself. You work hard enough for it.

The Lunar Eclipse October 8 occurs in your House of Health and daily Work. Take yourself into account this month. Sudden changes in your work and an unstable working atmosphere creates unrest. This anxiety leads to stress and stress is bad for your health. Also, your health can flip. See a doctor if you do not trust anything. Your health is good, but watch your diet and rest. Your planet Pluto will cause in the next six months a complete makeover of how you are in life and how you think about yourself. Like a snake you get rid of your old skin resulting in a totally different you.

From August 2014 the planetary energy has shifted from the outside world into your inner world. The ball is back in your own goal. Until January 2015 it is all about your personal development and independence. This period is the time of personal courage, growth and initiative. The time for positive seeds to plant so that you can reap independence later.