Sagittarius October 2014


Sagittarius October 2014

A successful month! As of October 23, when the Sun is in Scorpio in the Twelfth House of Surrendering enters, the energy shifts and a new period full of spirituality and profundity begins. A portal to a new world takes you on a journey, retreat or back to school. Mercury retrograde urges you to reconsidering and revising. Unconscious fears stop you to face life with confidence. The Eclipses bring you in contact with the infinite and the finite. Each Eclipse puts your religious and philosophical vision to the test. Twice a year you have the opportunity to examine or to adjust or this matter.
These psychological moments give you that necessary push to make choices and to break with old fears and beliefs for a new beginning on your spiritual path.

This month, Mercury is retrograde in your House of Friendships. Your love life will not be that bed of roses that you desire. There are issues that have not been resolved yet. You deal with doubt, despair and misinterpretations. With your ever-optimistic attitude you know to handle the most difficult problems. Friendships are an important theme since September 23, 2014. Until October 23, 2014 your social life will remain in the spotlight. During this period you will meet broadminded individuals and that meets tour standards. You will now learn the value of friendships and the social network. You will also learn valuable lessons about the meaning of true friendship.

The Lunar Eclipse October 8 occurs in the Fifth House of Creativity and Children. Children will be going through significant changes in the next six months, in physical and spiritual sense. A real metamorphosis for some of them, some are making a valuable contribution to the world. Children are our future! Try to protect them.

The Grand Trine in Fire formed by Mars, Jupiter and Uranus creates groundbreaking power and dynamism in everything you do and the willingness to fight for a cause. You want to prove yourself and take the lead. The Lunar Eclipse of October 8 has a direct impact on Uranus, which means damage to cars and telecommunications, repairs are needed or interference with electronic and technical equipment. Drive carefully and think before you act. The Solar Eclipse of October 23 in the House of Spirituality strengthens the spiritual changes of the Lunar Eclipse on 8 October. This Plutonian Eclipse will affect your spiritual life, your attitude, approach, practice and education. This could cause turmoil and shifts in spiritual organizations for which you are employed, but also in the private life of the spiritual teacher or mentor. Major changes are taking place over the next six months. Study plans can be changed. This month you meet people who will help you climbing the social ladder.

Financially, it’s pretty good. But do not take big financial risks. Your spouse, partner or loved one could have a temporary financial setback or crisis and is forced to make major changes. Think and act strategically.

Because of the Fire energy of the Grand Trine formed by Mars in Sagittarius, Uranus in Aries and your planet Jupiter in Leo, you are full of strength and energy! To remain in good health and spirits, sporting activities are advised. Mercury retrograde slows down your energy. As of October 27, 2014 the energy changes when Mars enters the sign of Capricorn. You need to slow down too.

In October 2014, you should better not travel with the eclipses. When ego and soul are one, the universe will take you wherever you want to be. Close your eyes and let yourself be carried away on the cosmic waves!
True faith or belief that you really committed to, will remain unchanged. However, if you have doubts about the authenticity of a religion or belief, you make a decision, once and for all.