Pisces October 2014


Pisces October 2014

Because of Mercury retrograde, October 2014 is a month of reconsideration in the field of spirituality and philosophy. This will change your whole world in the next six months. Both Eclipses this month have a strong impact on health, career and workplace. The Solar Eclipse of October 23 in the House of the Higher Truth leads to revelations, other belief, major changes and eventually to a pure perception.
Two eclipses will rock your love boat, but eventually your boat ends up in calmer waters. Your relationship planet Mercury is retrograde from October 4 in the House of Religion and Higher Truth and from October 10 Mercury is in the House of the Soul, where it meets Venus. From October 4 you have to deal with problems that have to do with money, abroad, a foreigner. The truth is revealed about something that bothers you for a while. It is also possible that you are worried about something or preoccupied by something of the past. As of October 11, 2014 you may have the feeling that you are sidetracked and your love life has come to a standstill.

The Lunar Eclipse of October 8 has an impact on the lives of children in your life as well as on your own inner child. Do not put too much weight on the shoulders of children. Your own inner child wants to be free, too. Parents and elders in your family provide a solution to financial problems.

October 2014 is an ambitious and active month with many opportunities for success. The enterprising Mars travels through your House of Career and has good connections with Jupiter and Uranus. Both in work as financially there will be good prospects! You want to prove who you are and what you are able to. Projects will take shape and end up in momentum. The Lunar Eclipse 8 October is closely watched by Uranus in Aries. There will be profound spiritual changes taking place in your practice, your creative profession, in education and in your attitude. Both Eclipses bring clarity about something in the workplace or about relationships at work. A seemingly minor breakthrough grows into something big in your life. Creativity will be poured into a new form.
Within the spiritual organization you belong to or in the personal lives of your spiritual teacher will be major changes. You can change jobs or in your work environment is an unstable atmosphere. If you have your own business, there is unrest among your employees. In any case, the Solar Eclipse on October 23, will bring a change that has to do with your career. Be patient and listen to your inner voice. It knows exactly when to make the right move.

This month money plays an important role in the relationship, home, family and parents. October 2014 is a financially strong month. The Lunar Eclipse on October 8 falls in your House of Finance. This eclipse brings financial changes, such as another financial strategy, otherwise dealing with money or a different perspective on money. There will be significant changes in the investment policy or you change your savings bank or financial adviser. In the lives of people who have to deal with financially, profound changes happen. Avoid speculation this month. Things happen, but events are unexpected em unpredictable. Caution is advised. Mars is your financial planet. Mars travels this month to 26 October through your House of Destiny. With this cosmic energy, new financial possibilities will be examined or tapped. Sometimes you need to look over the rainbow. You are encouraged to step aside the calibrated path and you will find that you're not the only one who follows this path.

You can deal with life now that you've put your mind into something. Your health is generally good, but your energy varies widely. Caution is advised. Do not worry too much about your health or that of your partner. As of October 23 your condition improves when the Sun enters the water sign of Scorpio. The Lunar Eclipse and Solar Eclipse bring emotions and deep feelings to the surface so you will be able to release that old pain.

The Solar Eclipse of October 23 occurs in the House of Travel and Higher Truth. In the last two weeks of October, it is better not to travel during this period. Listen to your inner voice for a clear direction.