Libra October 2014


Libra October 2014

The unexpected happens this month. This month Mercury is retrograde making October 2014 in many ways a month of review and revision. The two eclipses are powerful cosmic brooms that bring changes in the way you deal with others. This means that relationships will be broken, but where the door closes, another opens. The Solar Eclipse of October 23 brings a new cycle of self-esteem, self-respect and abundance.

A month of changes and surprising developments. Your planet Venus travels through your own sign of Libra. You want love and attention and your magnetic attraction makes sure you get this attention. Venus gets along extremely well with Mars this month. This cosmic togetherness means that love prevails this month. Mars will be traveling this month through the House of Communication. Your partner may react more direct. Despite the Lunar Eclipse in the House of Relationships your love life is stronger than usual. When a current relationship is broken, a new love will come along. Sometimes a relationship can be so overwhelming that you lose yourself. Any problems related to intimacy in an existing relationship are effortlessly solved. With the Solar Eclipse of 23 October friendships are being put to the test. Friends will be facing dramas and it's up to you how you deal with that. Only a close and true friendship will survive and will be strengthened.


On October 27, Mars enters the House of Family, Home and Past. Until early December 2014 you are looking out for support of older and serious people, to learn. In your relationship, attention is shifted to harmonious relationships within the family and the sharing of emotions. In your family, a traumatic event could occur involving parents, a parent or parent figure. Pay attention to what you say and how you bring your message.

October 2014 is a busy dynamic and active month. Mars in Sagittarius fires you up. No peace and tranquility for you. Your enthusiasm is contagious, even though others struggle to keep up with you. However, things work out differently than you would wish for this month. The Lunar Eclipse in Aries on October 8 has a strong effect on your career. This eclipse falls in your House of Relationships and this powerful energy puts the relationship with an organization, colleague, client or business partner to the test. Whatever happens, remain calm. A good relationship survives the worst storm, but in another case, the load will be shifting. The Lunar Eclipse in Aries brings stressful moments. It is advisable to not overload your schedule this month. Also this eclipse will bring sudden changes in the career field. Events force you to reconsider the career path or adjust your strategy. There will be shifts in the company that you work for and the industry in which you work. The board may change the rules and your boss or supervisor may experience something drastic. The Solar Eclipse of September 23 may cause problems with computers and sensitive technical equipment. Ensure a proper backup and timely checks!

The Solar Eclipse of October 23 occurs in the House of Finance. There will be significant financial changes, which will continue in the next six months. Mercury retrograde makes you reconsider and revise your money and value system. You're going to think differently about finances. For example you can not find money so important. It may also be that you may have painted a bright favorable picture regarding your financial position. The Eclipse makes you face the facts, so you have to take necessary action. This eclipse could also bring prosperity. All financial changes, however small they are, prove to be right. From October 23 it is going into the right direction!

You lack energy, but you are restless. That inner turmoil can lead to stress. You may have to deal with cramps, skin irritations and sleeplessness. You're so hasty and careless, so that a small accident may occur. Concentrate on what is really important and try to relax. Listen to your body.

October 2014 promises to be a happy and prosperous month. But two eclipses can spoil the fun. Whatever happens, stay calm. Everything turns out fine.