Gemini October 2014


Gemini October 2014

From October 4 to October 24 is your planet Mercury is retrograde. As usual, your life will be very confused during this period. In any case, things are so much different! This retrograde period is intended to rethink your daily life, habits and health and revise those when necessary.
The energy of the two Eclipses could close the door of a friendship or association, but opens the door to new developments in daily life and well-being.

In October 2014, Mars in Sagittarius travels largely through the House of Relationships. An exciting, dynamic and challenging period. With this energy you want to get the most out of it. You may suddenly fall in love. In your relationship sometimes you could react strongly, both in love and in the communication you wish put things to your hand. Fortunately, Mars is supported by Venus, Jupiter and Uranus transforming power struggle to positive and constructive force. The Lunar Eclipse October 8 occurs into the House of Friendships. Friendships are put to the test. There may be friends dealing with a crisis and now it comes down to real friendship. Will this friendship survive this crisis? If it is close, it will be strengthened. A less close friendship or relationship can be broken now.

With the entry of the Sun in Libra on September 24, there was relaxation in the atmosphere within the family. Until October 23, there is more room for doing fun things together. There will be time for parties, for socializing and togetherness, even though two Eclipses will be challenging your daily life. Brothers, sisters, other relatives, neighbors and classmates play a mayor role. The Solar Eclipse of October 23 can cause communication problems.

If you are looking for a job or other job you could be successful from October 23 this month. This month the theme is cooperation, but mainly in the first part of October cooperation will be challenged by infighting and existing problems. You want to go for it and being a Gemini you recognize the following: Only when you put all your energy in, success is assured. With this attitude you do well career wise! The Lunar Eclipse in Aries is next to Uranus. With this energy you'd better not travel abroad only if it is really necessary. There are short trips, meetings and networking opportunities. A crisis of faith will put you in doubt and in the next six months you could revolutionize faith or fixed beliefs. Maybe you want to study or immerse yourself in a particular subject. The Solar Eclipse of October 23 occurs in the Sixth House of Work and Health. In the second half of October, at work or in any other company where you work you have to deal with unexpected developments and probably switched positions. There may be misunderstandings and problems with your car or other means of transportation.

Every Lunar Eclipse brings changes and also your financial situation can not escape from it. The period which you can expect most financial changes will be in the first week of October and from the Solar Eclipse of October 23 in the runway to the next Full Moon on November 6, 2014. These changes are not always positive, so take precautions. Especially in the first part of October 2014.

Your health requires your special attention this month. Your planet Mercury is retrograde and the Eclipse of October 23 occurs in your House of Health. There will be stress and conflict. Stress has a negative effect on your health. Peace and regularity is what you need. The next six months will bring changes in how you deal with your health and nutrition. It's possible that you're worried about something, but do not worry too much. If you want clarification, ask for a second opinion. Get plenty of rest this month.

Your planet Mercury is retrograde from 4 to October 24 2014. If the load is too heavy, look for cooperation. Don’t sign anything or make a big decision to October 25, 2014.