Capricorn October 2014


Capricorn October 2014

In the successful month in October 2014, there are two important things you need to consider. First Mercury retrograde makes you review all your friendships and social networking. Who or what do you actually need, who or what you’s better let go? Secondly, you must take into account the two eclipses. Especially the Lunar Eclipse on October 8 has a huge influence on your love life and family and affects the decisions you will make in the future. What makes you happy? With the entry of Mars in your own sign on October 27, you'll know exactly what steps you need to take to move forward on your path.

For Capricorn, the Moon reigns over the love life. The Lunar Eclipse of October 8, 2014 puts your love life to the test. If there are repressed feelings, irritations or problems in your relationship, you need to address them now. It does not mean that a relationship comes to an end, see it as a gauge to see whether your relationship is strong enough to face problems. The Solar Eclipse of October 23 occurs in the Eleventh House of Friendships. Friendships are being put to the test. Genuine friendships survive most dramas, but the spurious dissolve into nothing when it comes to serious matters. All Capricorns twill face this, but especially the Capricorn 4 to January 7 gets the most of this Plutonian Solar Eclipse.

The Lunar Eclipse in Aries on October 8 occurs in the Fourth House of Family and Home. The interference of Pluto and Uranus indicates developments in respect to the home and family. These developments indicate an ending that has to do with your childhood or your parents or elders within the family. Within the family emotions could overload. Repairs may be needed to the house.

Until October 23, 2014 is your career is n the spotlight. A lot will be happening. Collaboration is the key word in your career. Venus is in your House of Career. Your charm makes for popularity and prosperity, both personal and business. A love can flourish in the workplace. The Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on October 23 the focus shifts to those who are helpful in climbing the social ladder. Who or what do you need? You need to let go of something first before you can add something or someone new. Because of the contribution of Venus, October 2014 brings you unexpected opportunities and novelties. You can depend too much on other people. Beware. Not everyone honours to agreements.

The influence of Uranus in Aries this month causes major financial changes in your life. You may have to deal with unforeseen and unexpected expenses. Maybe you have not established a good financial planning or underestimated your financial outlook. You are faces withe facts face to make changes. Eventually it will work out well, but the measures which you now have to deal with, are not always pleasant. Every Solar Eclipse carries the theme of death and transformation along with it. The Sun is indeed the ruler of your House of Transformation. Something ceases to exist, is dying, ends and is replaced by another form. During the eclipse, you’d better not throw yourself into risky adventures or challenges. Your spouse, partner or family may cause financial changes.

Your health this month is not very stable due to stress in your career, family and home situation. It is advisable to take it easy this month, because of lower immunity. Through the influence of Mars, you are more susceptible to infection. Until October 23, and especially around the Lunar Eclipse of October 8th, you are extra sensitive and you have to restrict stress and risky activities to a minimum. Postpone these activities to a later date. Mercury retrograde reminds you to relax and explore what you can do to benefit your health.

Mercury retrograde causes troubles with technical systems, but the Solar Eclipse of 23 October puts your patience in the office and at home to the test. Computers and other equipment have to deal with failures and possible burglary. Technology is fun when it works as it should work. Make at least a good backup and use an antiviral program. Don’t overload your agenda this month.