Cancer in October 2014


Cancer in October 2014

Mercury retrograde and a whopping two eclipses this month, making October 2014 a hectic and turbulent month for Cancer. This intensive and instructive October eclipses pave the way for a new beginning in your work, career and family. From the time that Mercury will be direct on October 25 you know what you need to do to take action. As you have noticed, the overall energy shifted from the inside to the outside. In recent months, you have laid the breeding ground for the future. The next six months you can reap the benefits of what you sowed, whether sour or sweet. From the sour fruits you will learn, from the sweet you may taste. Progress does not come from within yourself, but with the cooperation of the outside world.

October 2014 makes you crave for warmth and affection. It is not a month of passion, but of love and peacefulness. From October 4 to October 24 2014, Mercury is retrograde. This period also includes the Solar Eclipse of October 23 in your House of Love and you will be prompted through the cosmos to have a good think about your relationship. What do you need in a relationship? What does passion and passion mean for you? What or who sets your heart in the fire? Sometimes a relationship may not be satisfactory. Family perils and issues about sexuality affect your relationships this month. Mercury retrograde in Scorpio immerses deeper in this matter. After all, you want nothing more than an intense, committed relationship full of affection and passion!

This month you want peace and quiet at home. Home chores and doing things together with the family. Maybe you want to change something about the house or you are busy with renting or buying a home. The Solar Eclipse in the Water sign of Scorpio on October 23 2014 occurs in your House of Love, Creativity and Children. A crisis could bring you back to the past. This eclipse could bring a kind of ending in the family with respect to a parent figure, father or mother. It does not necessarily mean death, but something may come to an end. Your partner, lover, husband or wife may have to deal with major financial changes. Children suffer from these changes, too. Children should never be the brunt of a crisis, so try to protect them as much as possible.

October 2014 is a good month for your career. The joined forces of Mars, Jupiter and Uranus of the Grand Trine in Fire bring strength and great opportunities for success and increase in your career, daily work and finances. You are supported by the Sun, but you do not get if for free. Mars in Sagittarius urges you to go for it. Fast successive developments need rapid intervention and deciding. The Lunar Eclipse of October 8 in Aries occurs in the Tenth House of Career. This eclipse has a strong effect on you. It is advisable to take it easy and do not plan too man appointments. Every Lunar eclipse shuffles all the cards of your being. Not only is it about a new YOU, but the reorientation with regard to your work and career. Changes take place within the work you do, whether you go a different way, or you occupy a different function in your line of work. Within your industry big shifts are taking place in the form of new rules and also within the existing hierarchy changes occur.

The Solar Eclipse of 23 October also brings big changes into your financial strategy and thinking. A Solar Eclipse is often triggered by financial turmoil and financial crisis. The crisis that this eclipse entails will naturally lead to a solution. Financially it will be even better than it has ever been before.

Your health is not too good this month. Make that important decision and do not linger with those complaints. Steel your nerve and make an appointment! Get plenty of rest and relaxation. As of October 23, 2014 is your health will improve.

October 2014 is a month where you can learn about your underlying feelings. This knowledge can be used well in your new career!