Aries October 2014


Aries October 2014

October 2014 is a month full of changes in your personal life and in the world around you. The intense Eclipse in Aries on October 8 occurs in your House of Personality and challenges Uranus and Pluto. The cosmos will challenge you as a person to be unstoppable by anything or anyone and to transform yourself into a whole new you! The next six months marks the beginning of a new cycle of balance in relationships in which you do not lose yourself. Relationships that feed, not withdraw. Your planet Mars travels through the fire sign Sagittarius and this energy encourages growth, experience, adventure and vigor until the end of October, becoming a more serious energy and conscientious energy.

In October 2014 you will be asked to reconsider and review all the relationships in your life. The Sun travels with Venus through your House of Relationships until October 23. It's all about love, marriage and partnerships. The Lunar Eclipse in Aries on October 8 brings unexpected events where things take a different turn. At the end of October, the relationships as you know it, changed or you will draw conclusions in response to these changes. Not only you, but others in your life may experience new and existing challenges in regard to the relationship, marriage and finances. The Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on October 23 will put the relationship with your friends and others to the test. You may be faced with the termination of a relationship, a broken friendship, death or other upheavals, which can both be business and private.

There may be unpleasant situations within your family or home this month. It is important to treat your family with patience and understanding.The Solar Eclipse of October 23 in Scorpio occurs in the eighth House of Transformation. This event may indicate death. Besides the physical aspect death can mean the end to an existing situation that probably has to do with shared finances. Keep children as far as possible from problems.

An ambitious, successful, but tumultuous month. The Lunar Eclipse on October 8 creates a new, powerful and lucrative cycle of partnership and cooperation. You will be this month facing legal issues that require your attention. There may be a situation that is unfair or drawback. You may feel that you do not have a situation under control. Everything happens for a reason. This may be hard for you, but you will notice that in the coming months, something beautiful will return in its place. Cooperation brings success, but also instability. So be careful if there is a lot at stake. The Grand Trine of Mars, Jupiter and Uranus in Fire brings new initiatives, opportunities and new methods to communicate. The Grand Trine helps your career in the right direction. As of October 27 your planet Mars enters the sign of Capricorn and the ambitious focus will be shifted to further build up of the career. From that moment until the beginning of December 2014, Mars travels through your Tenth House of Career. A very important influence that indicates success, leadership and respect. You have to work hard, but you are going to succeed.

During this month, you'd better do no such things as risky investments or speculations. The financial crisis has led to life-changing situations in relationships, both in your personal life and business life. Some of these relationships are terminated due to financial problems.

You have to pay attention to your health until October 23, when the Sun is in Libra. Provide adequate relaxation, for stress is the biggest cause of imbalance. Also pay attention to what you consume. Your body is indeed the temple of your soul. Mercury rules your health and is retrograde this month. Elderly health problems may crop up or cause complications. Keep yourself alive during eclipses this month. Perhaps a visit to a spa?

Welcome the changes brought by the Eclipses, Aries. See Eclipses as big cosmic brooms that sweep all obstacles from your life. This cleaning may not always be pleasant, but necessary to make future developments. Try to keep your emotions under control.