Aquarius October 2014


Aquarius October 2014

October 2014 is a successful month for Aquarius. As of October 23, you enter a career flow, which will last the whole month. Concentrate yourself more on your career for a while and less on the house and garden. The success is up for grabs, but there are snags this month. The two eclipses this month also affect you. You will notice that barriers that stand in the way to success, seem to disappear this month. Unfortunately, this happens at the expense of something or someone and that is not always pleasant. Be careful what you say and how you put it. Afterwards, you would regret it.

In October 2014 it's all about relationships. Suppressed feelings in any kind of relationship now come to the surface to be resolved. You committed relationship can deepen or severed when the damage can’t be fixed anymore.
You committed relationship is going through a dynamic and constructive, but more friendly period. Working together to collaborate for today and the future. Maybe there are plans to undertake something together. The free Aquarius could meet someone who shares your vision and original thinking. The Lunar Eclipse October 8 brings possible contacts. You want nothing more than to meet new people and others are attracted to you. New and especially unusual friendships will be formed.

The Solar Eclipse of 23 October could lead to profound developments in the lives of your parents, parent figures or older people in your area.

The Grand Trine in Fire provides the energy to reach important goals in your career. Mercury is retrograde this month in your House of Career, giving you the opportunity to reconsider your goals in life and if necessary, to adjust them. The Eclipses bring solutions. The Solar Eclipse of October 23 occurs in your Tenth House of Career having a strong impact on your career. This may indicate a change in your career. You can follow your current career, only you will approach it in a very different way. Instead working on your own, close collaboration with colleagues, associates, customers or audience, now seem to be the key to success. There are new contracts or you may be in a group or organization taking the leadership role. You could get some startling news. This Eclipse creates a revolution in the business where you work or drastic shifts take place in the segment in which you work. Perhaps a change of rules during the next six months. In the private life of the boss or leader are profound developments. This eclipse occurs in your third House and has an impact on transport, engineering, computers, sensitive equipment and everything that has to do with communication. Sensitive equipment and computers could crash. Make sure that these issues will be repaired in time. Be prepared to make proper backups. Drive carefully.

In October 2014, it seems that there will be a raise or financial assets. There are also issues to do with banks, insurance companies, tax authorities or other financial institutions. The Lunar Eclipse in Aries October 8 seems to pass unnoticed. But your own planet Uranus is right next to the Eclipse. It is advisable to plan no major agreements during this eclipse. No risky businesses!

Your health requires more attention in October 2014. You are so busy with your career, that sometimes you forget yourself. Take care of yourself and make sure that there will be enough space for physical relaxation in this stressful time. During this period you are trying to reinvent your personality and self-presentation. In six months, the world sees a different you. Watch your diet and get plenty of rest with a book or a movie.

With the Lunar Eclipse you’d better not travel. The Solar Eclipse of October 23 confronts you with your own shadow behavior. Your old way of thinking and believing is going to change. A new cycle begins. With the Solar Eclipse of October 23 a new chapter in the Book of Your Life begins. It's up to you to write that chapter.