October 2014

Astrological month forecast for October 2014.

 September 2014 was a month of bated breath, but even Mercury retrograde will not be able to stop the outward energy of October 2014.

It is the most intense month of autumn 2014. Jupiter square Saturn will be confronting us with many challenges.
October 2014 marks the beginning of the second eclipse season of the year, an influential period for life on Earth. As of 10 October events will alternate in a rapid succession.

Venus travels through her own sign of Libra, trying to soothe the intense energies.
The Grand Trine in Fire which is formed by Mars in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in Aries brings a refreshingly productive energy and enthusiasm that encourages making grand plans and putting down performances. Together with Venus in Libra, this positive connection is the supporting lead in this intense month. Besides conspiracy theories, Mars in Sagittarius brings hubris and inflated bubble structures in thought and action.
The signs Aries, Libra, Sagittarius and Leo will experience this energy the most, also persons with the rising sign or personal planets in these specific characters.

Between 4 and 25 October the third and final period of Mercury retrograde in 2014 takes place, this time in Libra / Scorpio. As in the previous two retrogrades, it is in Water and Air. With these three periods in Water and Air, the connection between feelings and thoughts will be restored.
Unsolved problems from April 2014 and May 2014 will be asking again for urgent attention.
During this period, there are two Eclipses, directed by Mars. Wheels are set in motion. It is a period of discoveries, rediscoveries and revelations. These will be the missing pieces to completed get the total picture.

October 2014 is the month in which all kinds of relationships will be under pressure, both private, business, political and in the international world. Strained relationships can lead to separation and conflict.

On 8 October, a total Lunar Eclipse occurs at 15º Aries. In a Lunar eclipse, the Sun, Earth and Moon are in a row. The Earth is between the Sun and the Moon. The shadow of the Earth then falls over the Moon. The Earth catches the Light of the Sun and so the Moon is eclipsed.
The Blood Moon in Aries on October 8, 2014 is therefore completely obscured. This eclipse brings war and sets all kinds of belief on edge. Famous characters may be threatened or die. An existing epidemic may spread to Europe. This Lunar eclipse is closely watched by Uranus in Aries.
Since September 2014 Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Leo form a harmonious connection in Fire, involving this Blood Moon, but this basically cooperating energy state is challenged by Pluto, causing an uneasy feeling that something is about to happen.
In this period, secrets are revealed and suppressed feelings of discontent in relationships will burst out. During this revolutionary Eclipse of rebellion and confusion the Moon asks of you to let go of what is no longer needed.
Right after this eclipse Venus in Libra forms a square with Pluto challenging disrupted relationships to find solutions. What is of real value? What does really matter in life? How can harmony be restored?
The collaborated energies of Venus and Jupiter make the theme of relationships less heavy. From 11 to 14 October there will be a growing desire for freedom and cooperation. The cosmic energies have things in focus. Despite the persistent selfishness we realize that we need each other to achieve goals.

The second half of October 2014 is supported by the constructive energies of Mars and Jupiter. In this intense and challenging times, there is willingness to cooperate.
The period between 14 and 22 October is a great time for picking up the pieces, to share experiences and pulling ourselves together making and efforts.
The positive atmosphere changes as the Sun and Venus enter the intense waters of Scorpio, approaching the last Eclipse 2014.

A Solar Eclipse is a very powerful New Moon. A moment for decisions, but also a spiritual hint for new ways. All the energy of the previous New Moon of September 24, 2014 is brought together again in a search for the underlying truth.
On 23 October, the last Eclipse of 2014 occurs, an invisible bridge for a new beginning.
This partial Solar Eclipse on the first degree in intense Scorpio refers to militarily action, attacks and disruption of public order in Europe and the rest of the world.
The first degree of a zodiac sign represents the very essence of that particular sign.
In the deep and passionate Scorpio it is all about topics such as finances, sexuality and greed. The Light of the Sun disappears enabling a different way of perceiving. The Sun symbolizes the Self Consciousness. With an Eclipse, the connection to the SELF consciousness is dissolved and taken over by emotions. The energy is aimed at a revaluation of tangible and intangible values. New self-awareness in the relationship with yourself and others. The contribution of Venus at this eclipse would bring mind and soul together. The theme of greed revalued to selfless love. Sexuality for intimacy. It is also about confidence. Who are you? What do you need? What do you want in this life? What connection do you make? Transformation to the core and the beginning of something new! The birth chart shows where a new chapter starts. The invisible bridge is visible.
This last Eclipse of 2014 reveals how life has changed since 2013. In order to make growth and progress possible, painful change is sometimes necessary. In addition, this eclipse points to natural disasters such as earthquakes and eruptions.

In October 2014, we have to deal with multiple storms or hurricanes worldwide. Also, there is news about a major oil or gas leak or spillage which is connected to this. The political leaders in Europe are trying to maintain the illusion that there are no financial or political problems and everything is under control. Infighting and disclosures of financial, sexual and political missteps come to light bringing surprising news at the end of October.

On 25 October Mercury in Libra will turn direct at 17° in Libra. The annual retrograde cycle of heightened awareness in thought and feelings is now completed. Let the restored connection lead to greater tolerance and understanding.

In the middle of the intense Scorpio energy we celebrate the Sabbath of Samhain on October 31, also known as Halloween. Samhain celebrates the Celtic New Year and symbolizes the dormant season of the country and marks both the end and the beginning of the year. It is the magic moment when the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead is very thin. It is the moment to commemorate the souls who have moved to the Other Side.

The liberating power of the Grand Trine in Fire between Jupiter and Uranus will be weakening in the course of October, but it is still that glimmer of hope we need in this difficult time. In December 2014 Jupiter will retrograde, which means that it will return to Uranus again to restore the Grand Trine again! The first half of 2015 will be influenced by this positive energy. Especially March 2015 is a significant month for us all!

At the end of October 2014 the guidance of the Sun and Venus in Scorpio with Neptune in Pisces lead to meaningful inspiring and soothing energy in the harsh reality.
Inspiration does create! A possibility for healing and exploring the deeper dimensions of togetherness.

 October 2014 daily:

Wednesday, October 1: October 2014 makes an energetic start due to the cooperation of the Sun and Venus in Libra. In the spirit of openness constructive decisions are taken. However, peaceful resolution of problems will not go without a hitch. Tomorrow is yet another day.

Thursday, October 2: The Moon enters the sign of Capricorn and squares the Sun in Libra. A day for activities in which determination and focus are required. A day of candid conversation. Today there is no room for evil comments and intrusiveness.

Friday, October 3: The Waxing Moon enters the air sign of Aquarius. There is a desire for freedom and independence. It's every man for himself, so it seems today. This attitude can lead tot disparity, so first think carefully before taking action.

Saturday, October 4: Mercury goes retrograde on 2º in the depths of Scorpio and retrogrades to 17 ° Libra. When Mercury retrogrades, the pace of everyday life slows down and seems to go in the opposite direction. The purpose of this period is to return to all those troubled areas in order to adjust them. No better time to face and tackle relationships for once and for all. Do not make any major purchases or start a new project. Be careful with everything you do. During the retrograde period in Scorpio is advisable to be cautious with the signing of documents. Pay attention to small print. Besides technical and electronic faults, the retrograde Mercury may lead to misunderstandings and communication problems in all types of relationships that we maintain.

Sunday, October 5: The Sun in Libra squares Pluto. In preparation for the upcoming Eclipse, themes that have to do with power and control strongly come to light with this plutonian energy. Rebellion and competition is present among all ranks in our society. In the next two days, the Sun and Mars are getting ready for an encounter with Uranus in Aries. Especially now that Mercury is retrograde, it’s no words but action! Venus in Libra is growing to the exact square that will be formed on October 11, 2014 with Uranus and Pluto. Positive changes in relationships is becoming increasingly easy. Let your inspirations run wild! Mars in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries get along very well, making it easier to get a brilliant idea to be put into immediate action! In any case, this day will turn different than you expect. Try to turn this energy into power which is needed for the next week.
Monday, October 6: The Waxing Moon enters the sign of Pisces. A generally positive day of surprises and new opportunities. However, those cosmic opportunities are not for free.
The Sun is approaching the exact square to Uranus in Aries on October 8. A growing feeling of excitement for whatever is coming our way. A day of innovative ideas and great determination for something special.

Tuesday, October 7: The almost Full Moon is now in Aries. Today, in a troubled atmosphere there will be a lot of talking. People say what they want and especially what they do not want.
The connection of Jupiter and Pluto shows the importance of setting limits and hits the nail on health and the stock market, including competition between large commercial rival companies such as telephone companies, media companies and energy companies.

Wednesday, October 8: Uranus in Aries exactly opposing the Sun in Libra. Uranus will be close to Earth and is fully illuminated by the Sun. The blue/green Uranus can be seen from Earth by using a telescope! This rebellious energy wants to move forward. The confrontation will be faced without taking notice of the prevailing feelings. Unusual paths are walked to win at any price.
Today, a total lunar eclipse occurs at 15º Aries. This Full Blood Moon is completely obscured by the shadow of the Earth. During this Eclipse, which will not be seen in Europe, the Moon gets a blood red color. A Lunar Eclipse is just as powerful as a Full Moon.
 On April 15, 2014 a similar total eclipse in Aries occurred, so events of that day return tot us in an additional powerful way. This intrusion can be fierce, but is necessary in case no solutions were found for events that took place in that particular period. Aries is the warrior, strong and independent. This Lunar Eclipse will ask you: Are you happy with who you are, are you honest to yourself? Who are you and where do you stand in a relationship? It is an excellent opportunity to healing imbalance in a relationship.

Thursday, October 9: The Moon has entered the sign of Taurus. While the energy of the Eclipse is still present, Mars forms a harmonious Trine with Jupiter in Leo. A creative and enterprising day with the chance of progress is in the area of science and technology. Venus squares Pluto in Capricorn brings an atmosphere of jealousy that seems to be totally unfounded. Fortunately, the positive link between Mars and Jupiter turns negative emotions into a constructive way of acting.

Friday, October 10: Today that jealous and distrustful atmosphere still remains. Examine where these feelings come from, before you jump into a hasty conclusion.

Saturday, October 11: This entire weekend, Venus in Libra squares Uranus in Aries. Many chances of exciting encounters and unexpected and unpredictable behavior in love can lead to surprises. Friction and tension may occur in all forms of cooperation. Mercury retrogrades from Scorpio back into Libra. Trust your intuition, it is the voice of your soul. Listen to that voice, it tells you what you should know. A good day to participate in an event. The Sun is smiling to Jupiter in Leo. Today, in a harmonious atmosphere in the private or public sector in the areas of education, politics or legal business, solutions are found.
Also today the annual Draconid meteor shower occurs. These shooting stars are actually pieces of grit from the Giacobine-Zinner comet!
Today October 11th to October 24th Mercury retrograde will be back into Libra. In this period, there are problems making decisions and delays with contracts. This is not a good time to get married or to sign a lease or business agreement. Rather wait until the last week of October 2014.

Sunday, October 12: The Waning Moon enters the sign of Gemini. A day of inflated optimism and overcompensation. Not a good day to start with something important or make a promise that you can’t keep.

Monday, October 13: Today is not easy to make contact or to find the right words. Despite this atmosphere try to make contact. Today is a good day to go shopping or doing something creative.

Tuesday, October 14: The Moon is now in Cancer. Venus smiles from Libra to Jupiter in Leo. A day in which finding solutions is paramount. Problems and obstacles are challenges. A good day of cooperation, especially in the career, career guidance or vocation. A day of professional advise and guidance in decision making. Harmonious day. The Sun in Libra is working with Mars in Sagittarius. A day of contagious enthusiasm to cooperate with family and society. Also in education or counseling for young people this could be an inspiring and rewarding day. So this Tuesday becomes a socially active day with a harmonious touch!

Wednesday, October 15: The Moon is in its Last Quarter phase in Cancer and squares the Sun in Libra. A fraught day with negative emotions. No good day to go on a trip. If there are important decisions to be made, do not take hasty decisions at this time. Listen to your intuition.

Thursday, October 16: The Moon enters the sign Leo. A good day for study, exams and tests. Curiosity and hunger for knowledge and information. One day to go to the hairdresser or theater. In short, a day of communication, romance and keeping busy.

Friday, October 17: The Sun in Libra sits alongside with Mercury retrograde. Today there is a thoughtful atmosphere. The right words are found to express what they are meant to be. A good day for psychological and cultural activities. A good day for all forms of mental activities such as writing, speaking and communication. Mars in Sagittarius throws a line to Mercury, which makes this day an excellent day for conversations and the written word! A day of enthusiastic exchange of ideas and communication. A very good day for study, public speaking, theater and cabaret.

Saturday, October 18: Mercury retrograde holds Venus in a loving embrace! Words, ideas, thoughts are lovingly expressed and articulated. A good conversation brings ecstasy and wonder. Today no empty and silly talk, it is now about the content and intellectual truth.

Sunday, October 19: The Moon enters Virgo. Today, there is willingness to tackle things, but it's hard to focus and be able to complete it. Keep it small. So do not start on something big and do not take big decisions.

Monday, October 20: Venus reaches out her hand to Mars in Sagittarius. A day to work as a teacher or coach with young people. Emotions and feelings are understood and creativity is encouraged. Today is a day in which constructive solutions can be put together, to be helpful, marriage and matters of the heart. Jupiter in Leo is smiling at Mercury retrograde. Today the most complex things will be resolved. A problem, a puzzle, a dilemma, the most complex problem. Flawless verbal skills and a proper sense of justice makes a fair solution possible.

Tuesday 21 October: The Moon enters Libra. In an atmosphere of optimism and hope the desire grows to tackle anything that needs to be tackled. However, this day does not go as smoothly as one would hope due to unexpected events.

Wednesday, October 22: Today we are in the figurative shadow of the upcoming Eclipse. Not a great day. Unexpected things happen and also the information you get is not always reliable.
Thursday, October 23: Today is the partial Solar Eclipse takes place on 0º in the deep waters of Scorpio. A Solar Eclipse is actually a very powerful New Moon! During this partial eclipse, the Moon passes in front of the Sun. By the way, this Solar eclipse can be seen only in North America. This eclipse is supported by Venus in Scorpio and is in the middle of the annoying and challenging Mercury retrograde period. It will not all be easy, but once again this Eclipse allows you the opportunity to have a new beginning or make changes in a committed relationship, creativity, planning and transformation. The connection of Venus with Neptune makes everything more subjective and focuses on how something feels to a person. There is a shift from what you possess to what you owe to yourself and to others. These include cash, loans, taxes, insurance, investments, but also sexuality and legacies. The sign of Scorpio can be challenging and unforgiving. Time to set the record straight.

Friday, October 24: The Sun in Scorpio is accompanied by Venus. This profound energy leads to positive changes in ourselves and all relationships that we maintain. It's time to change or give yourself over to the universe and to allow the changes within yourself.
This friendly and light energy lasts until the end of October. A friendly and harmonious atmosphere, where there is no place for hostility or discrimination. Favorable for groups relating to feelings, spirituality and psychology. There is interest in the past and different cultures.
Also today, the annual Orionids Meteor shower takes place. These meteors are pieces of debris from the tail of Halley's Comet!

Saturday, October 25: On October 25, Mercury sets out again in direct motion at 17 ° Libra. Mercury continues his journey through the sign of Libra until November 8 2014. It takes a while until Mercury is fully back on track and this is reflected in a negative state of mind, in ourselves and in the world around us. It is better not to participate in public events, because you can’t focus. Also, do not take big decisions. It is difficult to keep emotions under control.

Sunday, October 26: Venus is still in the arms of the Sun and this soft subjective energy focuses on music and poetry. Today there is no room for serious things, only for good conversations and short trips. The Moon enters Sagittarius. Not a productive day. A lazy day. Dreams are unusual and significant. Furthermore, this Sunday is a good creative day, such as painting, poetry and making music.

Monday, October 27: Mars has entered the sign of Capricorn. Initially, communication is not so good. However, Venus in Scorpio makes a covenant with Neptune in Pisces. A day of cooperation and helping each other. Today, the unit of life will be experienced. This inspiring connection brings creativity and immerses you in a world of wonders. A feel good day.

Tuesday, October 28: The Waxing Moon enters the sign of Capricorn.
Sun in Scorpio forms a harmonious connection with Neptune in Pisces. An extremely positive day where emotions and feelings are recognized and solutions are found with profound imagination. A beautiful day to work together, both private and in social life. Not a good day to go on a trip. Pay attention to the road, because you are distracted and you are not the only one.

Wednesday, October 29: The Moon is in Capricorn. It feels as time stands still or that you are being gobbled up by work and responsibilities. However, we can move mountains, if we want to.

Thursday, October 30: A day of great potential. In an excited and energetic atmosphere it feels as if something special is about to happen.

Friday, October 31: The Waxing Moon enters the sign of Aquarius and forms a square with the Sun in Scorpio.
The last day of the week and the last day of October 2014. However, there are still issues that need to be resolved. This cosmic energy will be launching the required perseverance to do so.