Virgo November 2014


Virgo November 2014

New things in life don't happen just like that. If life is a little too predictable for you, you can end up in a rut. The only thing you can do is to make a change in your life. You love order and regularity, but deep in your heart you longing for something new. It doesn't have to be a radical break, but sometimes the little things make a difference.

Love & Relationships
Your love life passes on in an intense and harmonious way. You have a magnetic attraction and you are in deep connection with your loved one. The free Virgo could meet someone that will play a major role in your life. A firm commitment becomes even closer in the second half of November! The Full Moon in Taurus of November 6 resolves all your doubt over a long distance relationship or pen pal. Maybe an old love passes your path. After so many years it is nice to chat, but the door has been closed. Open it for someone new.

Venus, Mercury and the Sun travel to November 22 through your House of Communication. Uncomfortable situations could get out of control. Keep out of gossip and mudslinging. You want nothing more than to clear your mind and be honest. It is noted that you're frustrated and not completely honest in the weekend of November 8 and 9. Your family wants you to be honest and happy.

In this restless, but enterprising month the opportunities for a new job are for the taking. Information and communication technology are in the foreground, also writing, designing, translating, trade, documentation and intellectual pursuits, speeches, exams and the exchange and transfer of knowledge. Ideas flow like never before. That may be within your current job or at any other company. In the first week of November a project could be assigned. Due to the influence of Mercury the situation at work is unstable and uncertain, especially at the beginning of the second week of November. A team project is not according to your desires. Try to limit risky activities and drive carefully. Maybe a few free days off? Mercury is the reason of possible decisive changes in your career or branch of industry in which you work. The second half of November is proceeding more quiet. That calm is needed in order to be able to take that decision. November 2014 is a good month to succeed in study. If something has aroused your interest, go for it and go to lectures, seminars or workshops. November is also a good month for writers, teachers, sellers and journalists.

Financial goals are more or less achieved in November 2014. In the first half of November tensions in your financial planning are to be expected, but in the second half are the best opportunities.
Successful negotiating about financial disputes is possible from November 9, as Mercury enters the sign of Scorpio.

Uranus in Aries is your planet of health. Uranus causes major changes in the way how you deal with your health. Generally, you have a good physical strength and vitality. November 2014 is a month for active exercising like walking and sports. A dormant disease may temporarily worsen. A good month for a medical checkup or a journey for your health. Uranus in Aries still exerts influence on the Lunar Eclipse of last month October 8, making you worried about your health. At the end of November, your energy returns and your health improves. Take it easy this month.

The planetary energies are in forward direction for you. From November 17 everything goes into a kind of energetic momentum. Your goals are achieved and events will follow one another at a rapid pace. Start a new project or launch a new product, preferably with and after the New Moon on November 22, 2014.