Taurus November 2014


Taurus November 2014

The end of the year is approaching. A good time for reflection on the events of 2014. What have you achieved? If you look back you will see that you have reached more than in other years. You have earned a well deserved pat on the back!

Love & Relationships
Your love life this month will be tested. A fixed relationship may have to deal with problems. You'd better postpone closing a commitment this month. From October 24 to November 16 2014 friendships play a more prominent role. You know what you want and you do everything to get that, both in love and in friendships. The Full Moon in Taurus of November 6 spreads new light in your House of Relationships. The Full Moon asks you for a inventory of all relationships that you maintain in your life. With whom do you actually connect? Who makes a valuable contribution to your life? Who is the one that really makes you happy? Who has to go? You are thinking about this for a while. The time of thinking is over. The time of decisions has arrived!

The first weekend of November is ideally suited for the family. In the first week of November you set up a new home rule for and everyone agrees with you! The weekend of November 22 and 23 is great for your family. Might be a good weekend to make plans for the next holiday? Drive careful and beware of November 9 to 13 with all kinds of risky activities. Parents and older people in your family could be faced with profound personal changes, due to the influence of Uranus.

Cooperation and agreements are the most important this month. Especially in the first week of the month you are appreciated for your dedication at work. At the beginning of the second week there are challenges at work. The planet of action, Mars accompanies Pluto from November 9 to 13 on his long journey through Capricorn. Mars will also challenge Uranus in Aries during this period. An extremely dynamic transit which points on further and indepth changes in your career during this period. Your planet of Career Uranus shall wield a great influence on the previous Lunar Eclipse of October 8th. This indicates profound revolutions in the personal life of your boss or business or industry in which you work.

Your financial situation is good. And if your financial situation is good, you are at ease. You do not have to worry this month. Because of the influence of Mercury in Scorpio (your financial planet), the period from November 10 until the end of the month could be a good time to get your finances in order, if need be. Mercury and the Sun will travel in the second half of November together through your House of joint Finances. Not only your money is important, but also of the other. If you help the other financially, this could also be advantageous for you. That comes in handy if you want to sell something. The cooperation of Venus and Jupiter delivers profits and other benefits. At the end of the month you will notice that spending money will be easier. It is possible that someone asks you for a loan. Don't feel burdened if you refuse, you need your money hard enough.

Your health this month can play tricks this month. From November 13 to 19 you can catch a cold or flu. Perhaps you underestimated your health this year. Eat and drink wisely and take regular massages. From November 23 your health will take a turn for the better. It is high time to give top priority to your health and wellbeing, even if it means a little less socializing. Prove yourself a big favor and stop with that nasty habit. Leave those cigarettes and go on diet! Your loved one loves you dearly and will be at your side to support you.

The Full Moon of November 6, occurs into your own sign, Taurus! Take a closer look at yourself with this energy. What is your purpose in life? How do your habits influence your health?