Scorpio November 2014


Scorpio November 2014

November 2014 shows a varied picture, in which many aspects of your life will be touched. The most important theme this month is your health.

Love & Relationships
Venus travels to November 16, 2014 through your own sign, Scorpio. This journey of Venus in your House of Personality enriches with an irresistible charm and seductive presence to enjoy life to the fullest. You just need to reach your hand to take it. At the beginning of the month a new friendship could develop. In the first week of November, you can indicate to your loved one to take a break in the relationship. In the third week of November, you could decide to terminate a relationship. In the last week of November, you recover even though you trust is hurt. Even from November 17 Venus in Sagittarius will be graciously at your side you through collaboration with Jupiter and Uranus. Venus' beneficial effects will shift from emotional sensations to the tangible and observable, such as money and possessions.

As for the family is concerned, the first half of November 2014 is the most favorable. The relationships are friendly and respectful. After the New Moon of November 22 the Sun leaves your sign and the relationship in the family should be better than. However, it actually provides a deep sense of distrust in family relationships. From November 9 to 28, Mercury rushes through your own sign Scorpio. This influence gives you the oppressive feeling like everyone has something to hide. You distrust everyone's motives and you don’t give yourself the opportunity to hear what is going on. Let it be so, you are good as you are. During this period, you'd better avoid confrontations with family or friends. Wait until this transit is over.

November 2014 is a little too quiet to your liking, especially if you have a business of your own. The same is true if you work for a boss. The apparent calm makes you uneasy. The Great Benefactor Jupiter travels through your House of Career up to the Summer of 2015. You don’t have to worry, think of it as the calm before the storm. If things do not work the way they are supposed to, look over the borders. Perhaps you could expand the business, but then you would have to come up with some new ideas. And that is exactly what is not obvious at this time. Before you know it, you will get a brilliant idea that you can use, thanks to the collaborating energetic forces of the Sun, Venus and Mercury in Scorpio. Around November 12th you will be challenged to complete a project. In the second half of November 2014, you can count on business success thanks to the triple fiery handshake of Venus, Jupiter and Uranus.

You have enough money available to you, but you must ensure that it remains the way it is. You tend to spend too much and too impulsive. The influence of the Sun, Venus and Mercury entice you to invest a lot of extra money in an investment or vacation. Often you spend money on stuff which gives you good feeling, but do not really contribute much to your life. Be reasonable. Read the fine print and think carefully before you make a payment. In the second half of November 2014 the collaboration between Venus, Jupiter and Uranus may lead to business success, which will lead to financial gain.

In the first half of November 2014 you have plenty of energy. But you suffer from nervousness, which can lead to injury or conflicts. Be careful when driving and hazardous substances. Lately you have been to demanding and it is advisable to slow down. Also pay attention to good nutrition and regular exercise. You have consumed so much energy. Now you have to refuel yourself! Relax and give in to creativity, Scorpio.

Your ruling planet Pluto in Capricorn is in the House of Communication, so you want to get the truth out in the open. Behind every story you want to reveal and analyze the underlying idea. You want to reveal every secret and mystery. Actually, you are the devil's advocate. Sometimes all those thoughts you are too much for you. A good advice would be to let it go and to take time for yourself.