Sagittarius November 2014


Sagittarius November 2014 


You feel restless this month. Goodbye does not exist for you. Unfortunately, it seems that you have to face an inevitable goodbye when Venus in Scorpio meets Saturn around November 10. Don’t close yourself to those who want to support you. 

 Love & Relationships

You feel as if you are abandoned in the wilderness in November 2014. Venus, the planet of Love will resign in the first half of the month in the House of the Unconscious: Venus is therefore covered in a mysterious cloak of love and that can lead to loneliness, loss, disappointments and frustrations. Your partner may have problems with his or her health. In the best case, there is a secret love or a love that can’t be revealed. The influence of Uranus and Mars can lead to incidents related to love, sex and children. Around November 22 the farewell of a loved one weighs heavy. Be clear with your partner and tell him or her what is going on. The second part of November 2014 puts you in the mood for adventure. You want nothing more than to spread your wings to see what lies on the other side of the hills. What's stopping you to go to explore the unknown? 



Through the influence of Saturn in Scorpio you want to keep all your feelings and secrets to yourself. Your secret is safe within you and that makes you feel safe. This month Saturn will be accompanied from the Sun, Mercury and Venus causing you a feeling of guilt. Your family is engaged in the purchase or sale of a home. Even if you like to be home, there's a restless urge to get away from it all. Do not remain looking out of the windows, open them!



The first week of November goes smoothly without notable events. In the second week you will be challenged on your opinion or idea, or someone at work reveals something you have shared in confidence. It is advisable to pretend as if it doesn’t bother you that much. The restless feeling that comes over you has its effect on your career, too. You are bored at work or come to a conclusion that you’re not fully appreciated at work of with the work you do. The second part of November brings success with artistic and creative activities. Also a favorable time for socializing. Share you feelings with your boss at the end of this month about your contribution and appreciation. With your good ideas you could be deployed in a different place within the company. A place where you are appreciated! You will be eagerly awaited. If you have your own business, November 2014 is the month of choice to go public. New ideas would fit in well with your future business. Focus on the environment. 



It is advisable to be reluctant in all financial transactions that do not meet all the requirements. Jupiter is your ruling planet and on November 10 Jupiter is challenging on Venus, so the temptation to make a major bur not really necessary purchase, is very big. Rather wait until after November 12th. You will save money! You will benefit most from safe investments. Social contacts can develop into a profitable collaboration. Around November 21 you win a small price. The end of November 2014 is ideal for shopping. 


In the first half of November 2014 you have to deal with reduced vitality and fatigue, leaving you susceptible to all kinds of infection. Possible health problems can worsen. Lots of rest and  healthy food is what you need. Do not drink excessively and stop smoking. Remember your vitamins! 



Try a philosophical approach when things happen that are unpleasant.