Pisces November 2014


Pisces November 2014

You have an amazing inner strength that allows you to handle almost any situation. In one way or another, you always know how to find the unique solution. In November 2014, you will regularly have to call on this unique quality, even if the problems are not caused by you. The collaboration of Mercury, Venus and Saturn leads this month into a meaningful decision.

Love & Relationships
In the first week of November, Mercury travels through the House of the Soul. In your relationship, you try to find out the deep truth or motivation and maybe a secret is revealed. For some time you're with someone who gives you a familiar feeling. Sometimes you want a little bit more than only friendship, but why would you do that? Friendship is the most purest form of love. You love being around with your friends. In November, the action planet Mars is traveling through your House of Friendship and this encourages you to take an active role within a group of friends or association. You're going to meet nice people at a party and you enjoy life to the fullest. No one else but you know to keep the group together and help with projects, if others give you the chance to do so. Actually you don’t like it to be in the center of attention. However, November is the month to go public.

The first days of November are great for your family. The second week of November is suitable for a party, for the theater or going out with your family or friends. Around November 14, you are determined to prevent a family drama. You want to get to the bottom to find the source of the problem. Unfortunately this doesn’t turn out to be as you hoped for, there is silence or you will be ignored. Be careful that you do not become the scapegoat. In the last week of November, you will notice that your help does not have the intended result. Don’t worry so much.

Your career is in the first half of November a bit chaotic. Around November 9th is your role within the company will be mentioned. You can be proud of what you've done. In the second week there is a conversation with your boss. The atmosphere in the third week is not so good, but you can prevent this by a friendly and attentive attitude. November 2014 is a good month for study and research, advanced information and activities that have to do with university and higher studies, publishers, publications and culture in general, even beneficial partnerships, relationships with multinational companies, business or study. In the second half of November an unexpected opportunities and growth of your clientele is to be expected. Networking, participation, attending seminars, conferences or fairs provide contacts that are useful for the course of your career or business.

November 2014 is from a financial point of view, a successful month. In the first week of November, Mercury travels through the House of shared Finances. Money plays a big role in your relationship. A good opportunity for an expert to have a look at your budget. Discussing a loan or negotiating an existing loan is advisable at the beginning of the first week of November. Pay attention to the fine print. A loan is meant to make your life easier, not impossible.

In the first part of November, an old disease may emerge. Take good care of yourself this month, stay away from drafts and cold. Colds and flu are lurking. If someone is ill in your environment, you are always ready to help, but now it is better that you think of yourself. Your health comes first! Your health is generally good, but this month your health depends upon the health of others.

Make use of your talents, the time has come to share them with the world. Do not go shopping during the weekend of November 22 and 23, but stay home with a book on the couch.