Libra November 2014


Libra November 2014

This month home and family are important. November 2014 is a month that can go either way. With unpredictable Uranus in the House of Relationships you never know what will happen.

Love & Relationships
November 2014 starts well! On November 6, 2014, the Full Moon in sensual Taurus is in your House of Soul and Intimacy. An intense Full Moon to get very close with your beloved one to experience magic moments. Actually, you like to flirt and get attention, but this month you'd better stick with the one you truly love. Things can sometimes turn out differently or you may be misunderstood. Making friends and flirting is fun, but sometimes you go too far. Let your judgment influenced by emotions and feelings. Especially in November 2014 you should try to be selective. Around November 21 you can experience beautiful moments with a new love. If you find that your beloved wants more of you than you able to give, protect yourself. Let this person go.
The first part of November is somewhat unbalanced, but the second half of the month promises to be better thanks to the collaborating forces of Venus, Uranus and Jupiter. This period is particularly suited to discuss a repayable loan, transformations or things that have to do with repair or renovation of the house. Also, problems with parents can be talked over.

In the second week of November 2014, your job is very demanding. It is possible that you travel for work. At the end of that week you may be criticized by the boss that your work has not been not done properly. Be careful when signing a business contract. Also, with the accession of the new partner. Success can be achieved through cooperation of the group or organization. You have success in examinations or testing, but also in interviews and talks.

Your financial situation may be rocking this month and this has to do with your spending habits. You actually spent more than is actually possible, making it necessary to cut back expenses. In the first half of November Venus and Jupiter are challenging each other. Venus is your planet and is about money. Jupiter wants more and more. With this energy you just want to spend, but Saturn in your House of Finance says: No! Set your priorities! Your home and the purchase of durable goods are now paramount. There are some items which you can cut back and if you make these cuts, you will notice that this will improve your position and that the balance is restored. The second half of November income will increase as the cooperation of Venus and Jupiter will lead to fruitful collaboration, revenue through the partner, gifts, sponsorship or other benefits.

Your energy level in November 2014 is not optimal. The position of Uranus, Pluto and Mars result in more tension and pressure especially in the first part of November. The second weekend of November 2014 requires more of you than you can physically accommodate. Try yourself to relax more!
Conflict and crisis is the cause of physical and psychological stress. You may get ill because of stress during the second half of November. In the third week of November, you can catch a cold.

Allow yourself to November 25 not be tempted into making statements or giving answers. You do not like ultimatums, but now you must stand firm. Blow off steam in time when it gets you down. Prepare yourself for new developments!