Leo November 2014


Leo November 2014

Since the end of October 2014 the planetary energies indicate a provisional shift from individual independence to interacting with others. Your level of personal happiness is related to the happiness of others. Jupiter in Leo makes you trusting too much on your personal charm and doing things by yourself, without interference. However, times are changing. You're in the middle of a cycle of the development of altruism.

Love & Relationships
Uranus in Aries still exerts a great influence on the events of the Lunar Eclipse of October 8. This influence causes problems in your love life. The relationship with your spouse, partner or loved one seems harmonious, but this can change big time. If your relationship is good, it will survive the biggest storm. On November 17 Venus in Sagittarius will enter your House of Love and Creativity and that means increased sensuality! From November 23 the Sun will also enter the House of Love and that means even more fun, entertainment and above all: love! The Sun and Leo are in mutual reception. They are each others guest. This beautiful collaboration results in a warm loving energy. Love is at your feet, it will be difficult to choose or to resist. Quite a challenge! Stay true to your partner. The New Moon on November 22 announces a new love or happy event!

Since October 23, the focus is on the psychological process of inner growth. You get more insight into your own moods and feelings. Memories of your childhood emerge extra strong as part of your inner development. You are viewing your past from your present and at this moment you see events from a different perspective. Much of what you ever considered traumatic you see now as a true blessing and something that had to happen to become the person that you are today. This inner process helps you in coming to terms with emotional wounds from that period of time. Sometimes you are so exhausted from the hard work that there is no time left to do fun things with your family! It is recommended that you delegate some work to your skilled employees. Don't compensate with expensive gifts. You are missed. The most beautiful thing you can give is your undivided time and warm attention!

A month of hard work. Your career or own business prospers! You are on the right track! Especially in the first week of November you are successful and you make plans for the future. To ensure your success you work hard and give your very best. There are situations where fast and powerful decision is required. Your success is supported by loyal and skilled employees. That also applies, of course, your colleagues! You prefer to take all credits. You are only human. You can not do it all by yourself! Cooperation is the key to be even more successful! November 2014 is a successful month, but with a side note. Listen to the feedback from others and take that advice to heart! When Venus enters Sagittarius on November 17, you have less desire to work hard.

Due to the influence of the great benefactor Jupiter in Leo you are doing well at your job or in your own business and that’s why there’s no complaining. Your income allows you to settle old disputes in the family with respect to legacies, loans and to settle debts. Confrontations are never fun, so you will be happy to leave it all behind you. In the first half of November is there someone in your environment avoiding you, because this person owes you money. Face that person in a friendly way and you'll get what you deserve. The second half of November is abundant.

Your health requires attention. In the first part of November Mars, Pluto and Uranus enhance the chance of infection or inflammation, burning or accident or painful conditions. It is possible that your get the flu. To November 22 it is recommended to take plenty of rest. After November 22 your health will improve!

This month the focus is on discovering spiritual and religious places on Earth, also other philosophy and world visions. You're going to explore other worlds! It is possible that you go on a discovery tour or journey this month to unknown places.