Gemini November 2014


Gemini November 2014

This month an important shift takes place. On 23 November the planet energy shifts to the upper half of the Gemini horoscope. A brandnew day has come! Time to focus on all important affairs to your goals and career. The past six months of inner awareness was a period of rest and preparation. Now the real work has begun!

Love & Relationships
November is has a good start! In the first weekend you will be carried on the wings of love. On November 23, the Sun enters Sagittarius and that means love, love, love! Jupiter in Leo loves you too and because of that, everyone loves you! The New Moon of November 22 occurs in your House of Relationships. A New Moon always means a new beginning. If you're still looking for a love, you could meet someone special. It is possible that you decide to take a serious step in your relationship. It is also possible that, in the second half of the month, thanks to the lighthearted Sagittarius-energy, you might have the urge to do things you never done, but be careful. You may be mesmerized by that exciting person, but resist that urge if you already are blessed with someone who loves you dearly. Always think of the consequences of your actions. Also your friendships are revived. Have patience with your friends. Things turn out for the better from November 23, 2014.

Within the family there are issues and at the end of the month are you still angry. No one seems to listen to you! Your family thinks you are exaggerating things. From November 23 the air will be cleared in the family.

November 2014 is the month to focus on yourself on your career. Especially at the beginning of the month, you will find that everything will be all right once you have shifted your focus here. Your head runs over with good ideas, but you don't succeed to convert those ideas into something constructive. First, write it all down. Second, see what happens next. November is promising if you are looking for a job. Your biggest problem is to choose the right one. In the first half of November, Venus travels through Scorpio and that is beneficial to improve your position, for example, if you are applying for a job within the company where you work. If you have a steady job are you more productive than usual. Your productivity will be noticed! During this month, even the most boring routine chores will be fun to do.

You may be satisfied with your finances in November 2014. In the first week of November you'll have the best chance to make money and also from November 22, with the New Moon more money may be flowing in by contracts or successful cooperation.

Until November 22 you are in good condition, but due to overload is your energy level is less. Old ailments can resurface, so see the doctor in time. Make sure you get enough sleep and stay away from people with a cold! You work too hard and you move too little. Movement is essential for Gemini. Alternate your work with physical exercises in between. Plenty of exercise and good nutrition helps to keep stress to a minimum.

You worry too much and you feel hounded. Take it slow, Gemini and arrange your time adequate. Working too hard is not good for your health and that hyper activity causes all kinds of problems at work and daily life. Concentrate only on your work.