Capricorn November 2014


Capricorn November 2014

The focus this month is on friendships, cooperation and social activities. The presence of the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn in the House of Friendships and Social Involvement creates a relentless energy that will not rest until you linked a particular person in your social circle.

Love & Relationships
Sun in Scorpio will be stirring up your passionate impulses, making November 2014 one month of passion.
Since late last month the self-centered Mars is in your own sign and as far as you're concerned: now it’s your turn! Your own needs come first place and preferably without the guilt! The message of Mars in your own sign: let the games begin and you are the hunter! The free Capricorn could meet someone in a group activity, conference, symposium or other social gathering. Due to Venus, you love to be together with friends but sometimes you can sometimes be demanding. You expect more from friends than they can give you! If you keep doing that, you risk losing your precious friendships.

Through the influence of Mars in your sign Capricorn, you want to compete. Especially in games with the family you want to be number one, for example in recreational sports manifestations. The problem with taking the lead that it can lead to complications and misunderstandings in the family atmosphere. Your family does not really like to compete with you, because you take it so serious. You forget the game element. If someone does not want to compete with you, then accept that fact.

November 2014 is full of energy. New projects are started and ideas are put into practice. The first week of November are promising for your career. It is the week that is dominated by completing projects and cooperation. In the second week of November you will be challenged to change a project. You have an amazing ability to motivate people to work for you. You will be asked to do a presentation of a project in the second half of November. At the end of November, it is advisable to take it easy. Perhaps a break?

In the area of money and possessions subtle developments occur that have a positive impact on your financial situation in the long term. These are developments that in the long term will lead to financial gain. If you are not satisfied with the way everything goes with business partners, be loud and clear about what you think. Maybe it's better to say goodbye and follow a different path. You spend too much money on utensils that should facilitate life. However, the majority of those gadgets are a source of frustration. In the second half of November the best opportunities for financial reward and opportunity are investments in a home, land or valuable goods.

In November 2014 you have sufficient energy and stamina. This month there are challenging and demanding activities that require much effort. You are only human. Stress may lead to recklessness, impatience and haste, exposing you to danger and accidents. Listen to your body. And to the good advice of others. Perhaps a visit to the doctor would be a good idea to discuss all those things which are bothering you.

Attend as many events as possible and make new friends!