Cancer November 2014


Cancer November 2014

November 2014 is a great month for Cancer. The fire element takes over in November 22, which gives you an energy boost. Especially after November 16 2014 events will happen in high tempo.

Love & Relationships
Your magnetic attraction is always stronger when the Sun is in the waters of Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces! The free Cancer could meet that special person this month! An existing relationship will deepen this month. The intense Sun, sensual Venus and frivolous Mercury will be traveling this month through your House of Love and Sex and that means no holding back! The old Saturn in Scorpio is a bit of a wet blanket. Together with Mars in the House of Relationships these planets warn you that love is not a game and that adultery is a pointless action! In other words, keep your own relationship exciting! This month now you are more passionate and emotional than you already are, sometimes obsessed and jealous. What are you so afraid of? Give your partner some space. On November 11 Mars is next to Pluto in Capricorn in your House of Relationships. With this energy there will be a lot of irritations on November 19 and 26 and no compromising. You understand that this attitude will harm your relationship.

It is recommended to pay more attention to your family. Your family now comes on the first place! Perhaps it’s a good idea to go out to do some shopping together. You are in some kind of festive mood and you are more generous to others. Of course your family deserves the very best. But do not forget yourself and your beloved!

You don’t always have to prove yourself at work. Due to the position of Mars November 2014 a competitive month. However, cooperation and teamwork lead to success. If you're faced in the second week of November by criticism about your work or if you are challenged in one way or another, stay calm. Time out and count to ten. Don’t lose your temper. You’d better discuss obvious solutions. November 2014 is a good month for creative and expressive activities, which bring out the best of you. The first half of November is suitable for promotional activities, presentation or launching of something new, sports and entertainment. November 2014 is a good month if you are looking for a new job. Until November 22 there could be obstacles and challenges in finding a suitable job. After November 22 there will be improvement and several possibilities, either within or outside the company where you work. It may be that your boss wants you to follow a course. Be sure that this course suits your job or situation. There may also be other interests from the management. Be honest and clear. Your honesty and clarity is more appreciated than you might think. A few days off in the last week of November would do you lots of good.

Until November 22 the Sun, your planet of money, causes major financial changes for your spouse, partner or loved one. On November 8 and 9 you should be reluctant with your spending. Generally you financial position remains good and this will continue in the coming year. Please note that problems could arise until November 22. In the second weekend of November the Sun causes financial turmoil in the form of an unexpected expense or loan. With the cooperation of Jupiter and Venus this leads to a positive change. The Sun in Scorpio accompanies Saturn from 17 to November 19 on his journey. This may cause a feeling of tightness and restriction. Eventually you realize that you have everything you need. From November 23 the Sun enters the sign of Sagittarius and that is always a sign of prosperity. You get more financial space because of your earnings.

Your health is good this month. You have more than enough energy to determine for yourself to what is and is not possible. Hiking, swimming, fitness and of course sex are the best ways to relieve stress and to stay in good shape. The second part of November is suitable for a diet.

The Sun travels to November 22 through Scorpio. Scorpio wants to clean up and transform. Use this energy to clear everything what you no longer need, everything that is unnecessary for the person you are right now. Go through your closets to determine what you do not use or need anymore. Try to sell it of even better, give it away. Giving actually gives just such a rich feeling as buying, perhaps even much richer.