Aries November 2014


Aries November 2014

This month there may be no Eclipses, but plenty of planetary movements that bring back the eclipses of October to life again. Uranus in Aries revives the Lunar Eclipse of October 8, indicating possible problems in the life of friends. Friendships are once again put to the test. Also kids will be involved, also your own inner child is challenged to make the connection. Commitments and connections are of paramount importance in November 2014, both in business and private life. Everything is interconnected and success is dependent on the power of connection.

Love & Relationships
The first part of November 2014 is because of Venus and Saturn not so very positive. Do not allow blockages, fears and frustrations prevail this month. At all times try to control compulsive behavior. The square between Venus in Scorpio and Jupiter in Leo on November 10 challenges you to try your very best to make a move on someone. Try to resist the urge to go too far, for example showing out with expensive gifts or elegant dinners. The second half of November is more favorable for love. The connection between Venus and Jupiter brings more chance for happiness and fulfillment. Maybe a long distance romance?

In the first week of November themes of the previous Lunar Eclipse of October 8 are revived by the Sun in Scorpio having to do with your children or children that play a major role in your life. In the third week of November a problem within the family could reach the boiling point.

Mars is your ruling planet and therefore has a prominent place in your life. On Monday November 17th Mars revives the Lunar Eclipse of October 8, so beware that day. The last week of November is more quiet and you get that piece of recognition and support that you deserve. That piece consists a good advice or a good offer. The strong position of Mars in Capricorn in your House of Career makes you motivated and ambitious, but could be harmful too. Be diplomatic this month, flexible and do what you gotta do. The first week of November 2014 promises to be a good one. You feel good and strong and that’s what you radiate, whereby you get appreciation and respect. But as usual, there are people in your environment begrudging that success. Overt enemies, partners, colleagues and others do their best to undermine you, so beware. Try to avoid confrontations and highrisk activities, especially from 10 to 17 November.

As many as four planets travel this month through your House of shared Finances, the Sun, Saturn, Venus and Mercury! When the Sun enters fiery Sagittarius on November 22, there will be room for long distance cooperation and investment. Take a short break within your budget.
Your husband, wife, partner or loved one has had financial problems in the past year. Thanks to the Sun in Scorpio, there could be some improvement in the situation especially in the first half of November. Continue to be careful. Your paycheck reflects your hard work. A favorable period that will last until November 22. You've worked hard to get your finances in order. The Full Moon in Taurus occurs on November 6 in your House of Money. Save as much as possible and spend money if it's strictly necessary. No speculation especially in the first week of November.

The position of your planet Mars in the eighth House is strong this month thanks to Pluto in Capricorn. November 2014 is a good month for a possible surgery or second opinion. The eighth House is the House of the Soul. You may encounter an experience which gives you a different look of life. Life on Earth is short and fragile. It's about what and who you want to be in that short period. This month is ideal to detoxify or a purifying diet. Find relaxation in creativity. Watch your diet, it is of the utmost importance that your take a healthy diet. You need your energy hard enough in the coming months.

Sometimes you could be like an unguided missile when you embark yourself on a new project. However, you also need others to learn and grow. Learn to listen to others.