Aquarius November 2014


Aquarius November 2014

November 2014 is the month of improvement both in health and in financial terms.

Love & Relationships
The presence of Jupiter in the House of Relationships creates until August 2015 a favorable atmosphere in relationships and all forms of cooperation. With this Jupiter influence a budding relationship will develop. A committed relationship overcomes the heaviest storms. The weekend of November 8 and 9 is not so nice. You get sad news or you have to make a decision. You surround yourself preferably with friends, but in November 2014 it is advisable to spend some time on yourself. Mars has left your House of Friendships and Social Involvement and that means you need all your energy for yourself. In the second week of November your lover wants you to make up your mind: what is more important to you, work or love? As of November 17 there will be change when Venus enters the House of Friendships. It feels like coming home! You will be asked to play an active role in a group. When at the end of November, the Sun and Mercury will join Venus, your love life improves. However, Mercury ensures that there will be a lot of talking.
In September 2014 you started with improvements to your house. You have addressed all the projects and chores that needed to be done. Now the time has come to finish everything and to concentrate yourself on other areas. The first days of November are the best suited to put the icing on the cake
November 2014 is an auspicious month for your career. Saturn will remain for some time in your House of Career and will be visited this month by the Sun, Mercury and Venus! This visit brings more activity! It will make you more excited about your career and changes your sense of limitation. This energy brings you to a higher level so you can finally benefit from all efforts and commitment. The second part of November has been great for teamwork and promises new forms of cooperation and contracts. You get help with unexpected developments of others, probably a woman or female contribution. If you have your own business, then focus your attention on new connections. Connections form the key to expanding your business. Why spend money to advertise? Word of mouth advertising is the best way to promote your business.

The renovations to your home has cost more money than was planned. So your finances requires your utmost attention this month. You've gone over your budget big time. Finances are not really your thing, so it is advisable to ask for help in order to map all finances for you. In the second part of November, you get an unexpected financial opportunity. Around November 11th you can close a business deal or enter into a partnership.

In terms of health all is well. Don’t take this for granted this month, because you have to deal with stress. Infection and contamination are lurking. The conjunction of Mars and Pluto may indicate to some problems with your lower legs or ankles when traveling. Do not wait too long when you have complaints and go to the doctor for advice. Make sure you get adequate rest this month, Aquarius.

There may be talking behind your back, so please watch your back.