Virgo May 2014


Virgo May 2014

You get busy this month ! From the moment your planet Mercury enters the sign of Gemini on May 8, things are going to change gradually. There is a major shift in your mind. You become more assertive and independent. From now on you keep your eye on your own destiny! This energy is even more volatile when the Sun enters the sign of Gemini on May 22, with an offset to the end of the month, when the New Moon occurs in Gemini on May 28.

There may be some barriers for some of you this month, but friends and family are there for you.
Listen to their advice and be honest. The solution to the problem is not yours. It comes from a group or someone else a very different opinion, this solution is right for you. You may not encounter any problem at all and when you do, your relationship is of long duration. You can meet someone in the when you try to find means to make an investment.

There may be developments this month regarding your family and family. Planetary developments are favorable for families and children during this month. It is possible that your family is extended by marriage or the birth of a child. At the end of May peace may be on you and your family. Family and friends help and support you. If you accept help and advice from others, you get peace in return. Through the influence of Mars, May a good month for you to refurnish the house, tending your garden or purchase something beautiful for your house.

Through the influence of Mars big changes may probably occur in your profession this month. Your career is now at the highest point and that means a lot to communicate and hard work. Your wise words are most valuable! It is of the utmost importance to determine how you want to shape your career. Your planet Mercury is in the tenth house and this energy will help you to make the right decisions. Follow your intuition in May. Trips you take this month are in the first place professional and not for personal pleasure.

Strong financial benefits develop over a longer period, starting this month There are some short- term problems, but in the course of May the situation will stabilize and will only get better. A budget is however recommended for unforeseen circumstances. The position of Venus in the eighth house shows that you attract a loved one if you are looking for ways to make money, for instance an appointment with the bank about an investment or sporting activities. You can meet someone who has means. In the days short before and after The Full Moon of May 14, you get a good opportunity for an investment. Consider long term planning regarding your finances.

With all the stress your career causes, your health is not so good. Although it is necessary to invest a lot of energy in your work, it is advisable to take adequate rest, especially in the second half of May 2014. Sport and exercise helps to reduce your stress.

May 2014 is a portal to a new period of spiritual awakening, a journey of self discovery! Yoga, T'ai Chi and a different way of thinking brings you a kind of enlightenment and that is very important for your mental health, (yet ) undiscovered talents and inner strength. A Gemini, Libra or Aquarius brings you clarification on matters.