Taurus May 2014


Taurus May 2014

May 2014 is a very beautiful and profitable month in many aspects. Everything is falling into place. The month of May focuses on money and health. Uranus in Aries in your 12th house makes you insecure about things, but it provides you with the most brilliant ideas as well.
What's stopping you to start with that special project? It brings out the best of you! Your The Sun is in your sign until May 21, Taurus. This is your best time of year, a time when your birthday is celebrated! The best day of the month is May 14 when the Full Moon in your opposite sign of Scorpio. On this special day you'll be in high spirits!

It is a pleasant month for Taurus when love is concerned. The bachelor Taurus may find a new relationship! In a committed relationship the flame of passion flares up. Venus in the twelfth house makes you uncertain about a possible love or relationship. At the beginning of the month, there may be due to Uranus, some doubt and inner turmoil, but if stick to yourself you’ll see relationships will improve during this month.

Mutual family relationships are good and you spend valuable time with your dear family. This month, Jupiter in Cancer in your third house. A brother or sister can have a baby or you may get one way of the other, a new family member ! Are you working as a writer or are you working in the travel industry, you may rejoice in an increase of work.

May 2014 is a month of hard work, sometimes this month you make long hours of overtime. There is no progress on the professional level, because you let your own personal goals prevail over professional goals. You know, there is more to life than making unnecessary fuss over your career or business. What is your purpose in life ?

Your income comes this month from various sources. Mercury is in your second home. Money may be due to a refund, credit balances, conversations with someone close to you like a brother or sister or an advertisement for your company. Venus in the twelfth house means they income also may come through service to others or working in hospital, prison or other institution. All your projects will be productive and have an international flavor.

This month no complains about your health, you feel good about yourself and have lots of energy, because the Sun is in your first house ! Take advantage of this, but do not go to your head. However, remember take time to relax and do not overindulge yourself. Think about your health , Taurus !

Slow down a bit and think more about yourself ! Dream about the future and what comes ahead ! A Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces helps and supports you this month. You spend a lot of time behind the computer. It may seem safe online for you, but in many ways it's certainly not the case.