Scorpio May 2014


Scorpio May 2014

The month of May is mainly focused on relationships with others. Your mental capacity will not be strong in the first half of the month, but when Mars on May 20 turns direct again after being retrograde, it’s full steam ahead! The best days are around the Full Moon on May 14 in your opposite sign of Taurus. The focus is on career goals and these are accessible through social contacts. This month the topic security is regularly discussed and how important that is to you.

May 2014 is a successful month with more opportunities for new relationships and marriage!
Friendships, love and relationships are prominent this month by the influence of the Sun. More than ever, you need to be together to reflect yourself in the other energy.
This is not the time to be alone, it is time for sharing and community. In this period, you will want to pay more attention to the person at your side. Your partner needs your attention more than ever. See things from another pont of view. The position of Venus promotes cooperation and fair play in daily work or negotiations, tasks and responsibilities. Someone from the past confuses you, but be realistic and honest with yourself and the other. The bachelor Scorpio can meet someone at work or at a business appointment.

This month, there are many occasions to be with the family. May is marked by parties and celebrations. Older family members cause problems in your daily life.

It is actually a good month. The focus lies on collaboration and teamwork, certainly not autonomous. You will be rewarded for your effort and hard work. You see the importance of alliances, cooperation and flexibility for the development of your business and work. Entrepreneurs are enjoying good relationships with customers making new deals and contracts for the long- term possible.
There will be changes in your career and if you are an entrepreneur, changes will occur within the company. New opportunities will develop. The work can involve a creative or aesthetic dimension with improvement in working conditions or the environment. Put the focus on your own work and career.

Your financial prospects are excellent mainly due to the support of friends and social contacts. May is a good month for making calculations and strategies. In a committed relationship you are financially supported by your partner. Financially speaking things may be slightly less at this time, but it will improve. Someone else is out of money, so be careful.

Your health is less during the first half of May 2014. You are overloaded because of your ruling planet Mars, making it a vulnerable position for you. Take it a little easier! Spare some time for relaxation and your condition will improve from May 20. Your health however remains in a delicate imbalance. Travel is not a good idea this month.

May 2014 is a hectic month with little time for yourself. Change your attitude and do things from a new perspective. Share impressions together, however be selective with social contacts.