Sagittarius May 2014


Sagittarius May 2014

The month of May is a remarkable month for Sagittarius. You are in the spotlights, personal and professional. Henceforth May 22, when the Sun enters the sign of Gemini, you are trying to protect yourself and seeking more stable conditions. Under the New Moon in Gemini May 28 you can face your unconscious shadow side. Be on your guard this month.

The influence of Venus in the fire sign Aries making May a month of love, seduction, pleasure, eroticism, sensuality and romance! Venus strengthens your desire to pursue adventures born of genuine affection and desire without too many responsibilities. In the second half of the month, the free Sagittarius can meet someone special ! Mercury in the seventh house promotes communication with your partner. If you're not really attached to someone, a true love awaits. Please get in touch with old friends. There 's nothing like the real thing, even though it seems fun on Facebook! The actual contact with friends reflects yourself in a new light. Think about what commitment means to you, no commitment to yourself, but to someone special.

Be the first half of May on your guard when it comes to dealing with family members. There may be clashes, but avoiding confrontation leads to the path of least resistance and not to solutions of existing problems. If you plan to solve things with the family, this can be a good time. Family relationships improve during the second half of the month.

The Sun in the tenth house of career, especially early and mid- May are good weeks for the personal and the professional. You are in the spotlights, harvesting admiration which results in performances you can be proud of.
Venus this month is favorable and that promises promotion and artistic expression. May 2014 is a good month if you are looking for work. The strong position of Mercury guarantees success, bringing in contracts and collaborations. Especially in the first half of May, you get support from colleagues and managers in the workplace. However, a number of business and career problems may occur this month. Problems are challenges! Success comes your way this month. From mid-May you should pay more attention to your personal relationships.

The month of May 2014 is a good one in financial perspective. A sudden and unexpected influx of money let your confidence grow. Around the Full Moon of May 14, there is a resurgence in your finances. A positive attitude leads to attracting good things. Note the fine print and check everything three times before you signs any paper. Plan your finances well in this month and you will save money in June. In saving money, your assets grow as well!

Your physical condition may cause concern in the second half of May 2014. Don’t worry too much and find space to relax.
Increase your energy level by physical activity, healthy food, plenty of rest and relaxing moments!

It is necessary to keep a healthy balance between career and family. Self doubt in achieving your goals will be compensated by your social contacts.
Strengthen relationships with friends you have not seen for a long time.