Pisces May 2014


Pisces May 2014

You will experience a relatively stable and peaceful period, Pisces. Things go a little bit slower this month or don’t go the way you planned, especially at the beginning of the month. From May 22, the Sun will enter Gemini and your life will gain momentum. Around the New Moon in Gemini on May 28, you may have difficulty articulating unconscious feelings and emotions. Your health, financial and domestic worries require the most of your attention.

May 2014 is not a month of wild passion. In a committed relationship love and devotion is not obvious and even a little boring. Your partner is more of a sounding board or business partner with whom you make decisions about what to buy, how the money should be managed or what you can do to generate more money.
You know you have to choose a new direction. This month offers the bachelor Pisces many opportunities to get a new relationship. If you are looking for a partner you consider the ability of that person and how he or she contributes to your well-being and safety.

Lately there haven been misunderstandings with your family. It needs patience and time to solve those misunderstandings. A planned vacation with friends or family to that location is nice, but do you really want to go there too?
Do let yourself be intruded. A family member renovates your home or is doing chores.
You are always there for everyone and if you choose for yourself for a change, the only thing you get is anger. Too bad, it is high time that they realize that enough is enough. You know that and it is time for you to make that change.

May 2014 is the month to promote yourself. Especially the first week of May 2014 is particularly favorable for writing, negotiating, persuading and speeches.
Marketing is the key this month. Place particular emphasis on the practical aspects of the product or yourself.
May 2014 is a hectic month, a very active period of social relations, new contacts and cooperation that improve your business prospects and bring additional income. From May 20th Mars will be direct after bering retrograde which changes the dynamics of doing business.

May 2014 shows a stable period look. Your income increases or is sufficient to cover your expenses or investments.
However, be careful when making financial decisions. It's easy to make mistakes, so it is good to stay with both feet on the ground.
With proper planning there is more stability in your finances. Do not allow others to make financial decisions for you, your earnings are yours alone and no one else!
You want comfort, peace and security, but you are not willing to take big risks or any hasty risks. You can spend money only once!
At the end of the month your partner's income, financial transactions of banks, insurance companies or tax, investment or financing require your attention.

You're like in nature and especially this month the nature has a beneficial effect on your health, as well as exercising and adequate sleep. You can go on a trip for medical reasons.
You feel better with natural remedies such as herbs and a healthy diet. A good glass of wine now and then is good for your heart! Through the influence of Saturn you can experience physical discomfort, probably caused by negligence, bad habits or lack of hygiene. Make sure that stress has no hold on you.
Your health improves with the New Moon on May 28.

Do not let negativity rule your life, but concentrate on your mental peace and stability to overcome all the challenges in your life.
Keep yourself focused on yourself and step out of that dream world. You can not make everyone happy, that's impossible. Live in the here and now. You have so much more to offer. It's up to you!